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La Marzocco Linea Hydraulic Assembly 2/Group

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Copper Washer For 1/4" Fittings
Rubber Flowmeter O-ring
La Marzocco Gigleur 0.6mm
Gicar Fixed Wire 1/4" FlowmeterGicar Fixed Wire 1/4" Flowmeter
Copper Gasket for 1/8" Fitting
Flowmeter Impeller Wheel
La Marzocco Hot Water Spout
1/8" M BSP x 1/4" M BSP Fitting
La Marzocco Hot Water Valve Complete
Gicar 2 Connection Flowmeter Lid
La Marzocco Group to Flowmeter TubeLa Marzocco Group to Flowmeter Tube

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