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Small Group Head Portafilter Gasket Shim
Sirai P203 20A PressurestatSirai P203 20A Pressurestat
La Spaziale Steam Valve
La Spaziale Portafilter Body - New S5
La Spaziale Steam/water Valve Spring
La Spaziale 8 Hole Boiler Gasket
La Spaziale Group Bell to Boiler Gasket
PTFE Heating Element Gasket
Sirai P303 20A PressurestatSirai P303 20A Pressurestat
La Spaziale S1 Steam Wand
La Spaziale Rapid/Spazio Boiler O-ring
M8 Metric Nut
La Spaziale 2700W 220V Heating Element
La Spaziale S1 Steam Wand - Stainless
La Spaziale Steam Wand Spring
24V 1/4" Two-way ODE Solenoid24V 1/4" Two-way ODE Solenoid
Steam Wand Union Elbow Adapter
O-Ring 03168 - FKM
La Spaziale Water Inlet Lever Cam Cap

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