Ascaso Home Espresso Machine Parts

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Stainless Steel Backflush Disk
51.5mm Group Head Screen
Ascaso Precision Double Portafilter Basket
Ascaso One Hole Steam Wand Tip
Silicone O-ring OR 0147
Ascaso Steam Valve Knob - Walnut
Ascaso Group Head Brew Valve Spring
Ascaso Dream Temperature Gauge
Ascaso Group Bell to Boiler O-ring
Ascaso Double Portafilter Complete - Black
Silicone Washer 42 x 28 x 3
Ascaso 110V Boiler with ElementAscaso 110V Boiler with Element
O-ring 0060-20 Red Silicone
Ascaso Steam Valve Body Complete
Ascaso Dream Water Reservoir
Ascaso Mobile Portafilter Spout O-ring
Ascaso Steam Valve Gasket and Holder
Ascaso Dream PID Steam Valve with Extension
Ascaso Dream Cup Grate
Ascaso Black Plastic Steam/water Valve Knob
O-ring 0040-20 Red Silicone
Ascaso Dream Temperature Gauge Assembly
Ascaso Double Portafilter Complete - Walnut
140º Thermostat
98°C Hot Water Thermostat
PTFE Tube 2 x 4 (240 mm)

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