How to Brew With an AeroPress

The Aeropress Coffee Maker is a compact, durable and versatile piece of brewing equipment. A culture of experimentation has been built around the AeroPress. Below is a basic recipe to get you started. If you dare, you can Google AeroPress Competition winning recipes and find many different wild and inspiring variations. Coffee has no limits.


  1. Unscrew the basket and place a aeropress filter or metal filter inside and pre-wet/heat the filter.
  2. Place the Aeropress Plunger facing up and put the body on top with the coffee loader in place as the video shows.
  3. Grind 17g of coffee to a fine grind similar to table salt.
  4. Dump coffee into the AeroPress and remove the coffee loader.
  5. Quickly and in a circular motion pour to the top of the brewer, around 270 grams of water. It won’t be able to fit much more of that without overflowing.
  6. Use a stir stick to mix the coffee grounds and ensure even saturation
  7. Wait about 45 seconds then stir a second time.
  8. After another 45 seconds stir one last time and screw the preheated filter and basket on to the top of the AeroPress
  9. Carefully flip onto a mug or decanter and press down slowly. You should feel some resistance and the press should take 20-30 seconds
  10. After all the coffee has left the aeropress, flip back over and carefully unscrew the basket and metal filter if using. Plunge the remaining coffee grounds into the trash.
  11. Now, drink up before it gets cold.