How to Use a Hario V60

The Hario V60 is synonymous with a classic clean cup of pour over coffee. The v60 requires skill and technique in your pour to ensure all coffee grounds are evenly saturated. Below are our suggestions and ideas to experiment with for your own perfect cup.



  1. Fold the seam of the Hario Filter so it fits nicely in the brewer. Pre-wet the filter and brewer. (This removes any paper taste as well as heats up the V60)
  2. Grind Coffee to fine drip setting. We ground 20 grams of coffee for a 1:16 coffee to water brew as recommended by Gold Cup Standard. We recommend first brewing at this ratio and experimenting from there based on your coffee and personal coffee tastes
  3. Give the V60 a little shake to settle in the coffee grounds and create an even flat bed.
  4. Zero out the scale, start timer and pour around 40 grams of water. Wait around 30 seconds for the coffee to degass.
  5. Gently begin pouring 280 grams more of water in a circular motion out from the center, pouring 50g-100g at a time and pausing between pours.
  6. Water should drain from the flat coffee bed almost simultaneously and finish around 2:00 minutes. Longer if you have more coffee.
  7. Now, toss the grounds and filter, pour yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy!