The Best Pour Over Coffee Filters: A Practical Guide

There are a lot of variables that can be manipulated when making pour over coffee. Brewing devices, grind size, water to coffee ratio, water temperature - the list goes on. But don't forget about the filter! A filter can have a huge impact on the taste and finish of your coffee, so let’s dig into the ins and outs of some of our favorite and most popular pour over coffee filters. 

Types of Pour Over Coffee Filters

Paper Filters

Paper filters are inexpensive, easily accessible, and produce a very clean cup of coffee. Cafes love them because of their clean appearance and simple clean-up process. Here are some of our favorite paper filters:

Hario 02

  • Conical paper filter
  • Compatible with Hario and Yama drippers
  • Available bleached or unbleached  

Kalita 185

Chemex Bonded Square

  • Conical paper filter 
  • Thicker than other paper filters for a cleaner cup
  • Available bleached or unbleached

Melitta #2

  • Conical paper filter
  • Compatible with Yama and Kalita Wave drippers
  • Certified Kosher and gluten free

Metal Filters

Metal filters are a great option for coffee-lovers looking to reduce their environmental impact and brew richer coffee. One of the benefits of a metal filter is that it can be reused - no more running out of filters and ruing your morning! Since more sediment passes through the larger pores, you can expect a richer cup of coffee with a heavier mouthfeel. Here are some of our favorite metal coffee filters:

Yama Stainless Cone

Able Kone

  • Conical stainless steel filter
  • Finer holes than other metal filters
  • Compatible with Chemex or Able Brewing System

Wrapping Up

Want to learn more? Check out our YouTube Channel for an in-depth overview of each of these pour over coffee filters. 

Questions about equipping your cafe? Contact us today. Espresso Parts has the industry know-how to make your job easier—and your customers happier, too.