Opening Spotlight: Samayra Coffee

Since May 2021, Samayra Coffee has been bringing micro-roasted coffee and a spirit of adventure to Olympia, Washington. We sat down with owner Jalee to learn more about their story and the gear that keeps them going. 

A Conversation with Samayra Coffee

Why open a coffee shop?

We were inspired to open a coffee shop after a trip to the UK in 2014. We loved seeing how community and coffee could be paired together with extraordinary customer service in an upscale, yet comfortable environment.

What does “Samayra” mean?

The name Samayra means “look to the mountain for adventure."

What about coffee inspires you the most?

Coffee has an almost magical ability to create connection and community. We anticipate many opportunities to connect with people in our community with our micro-roasted coffee. 

What is Samayra’s mission? 

Anticipate Connection, Inspire Creativity, and Spread Hope with coffee. 

How did your cafe layout come about?

We were fortunate enough to work with an architect who had years of experience designing retail spaces for another major coffee company. We wanted to capture the Pacific Northwest with current textures and color palettes that would give a fresh, modern feel to our customers. 

How did you meet Espresso Parts?

We were fortunate enough to meet Espresso Parts early on after reaching out to Slayer to purchase our espresso machine. Slayer recommended we contact Espresso Parts based on their high level of knowledge, industry expertise, and customer support. 

What was the process of selecting equipment? Did you know what you wanted, or did you require some consultation? 

The process of selecting equipment with Espresso Parts was top-notch. There was equipment that we had already researched and landed on, however, Espresso Parts’ Sales Director, Jason Malcom, met with us, asked questions about our space and business plan, and helped us make the best purchases based on our budget and needs. Jason’s consulting time was priceless! Because of his professional coffee experience, he was able to offer equipment suggestions and options that I may not have considered otherwise. He took time with me, and I never felt pressured to purchase unnecessary items.

The heart of any cafe is the espresso machine. Why did you choose the Slayer Steam LPx?

We had our mind set on a Slayer espresso machine early on, but we hadn't landed on the model. We were very excited about supporting Slayer as a local business that has a commitment to excellence. The sleek design, preinfusion, programmable shots, and wood actuator handles of the Steam LPx were clear selling points for our business. When the machine arrived, we were very impressed with its ability to keep up with a busy cafe while maintaining quality shots.

Did Espresso Parts meet your expectations?

Espresso Parts far exceeded my expectations! Instead of spending my time researching equipment, Jason allowed me to focus on opening our doors. My questions were answered professionally and promptly, and the level of customer service that I received was exceptional. From first introductions to install and follow-up, we would highly recommend Espresso Parts to new and established coffee shop owners.

What would you tell someone who is preparing to open a coffee shop?

The best piece of advice I can offer is that you can’t do everything by yourself. The value of having access to Espresso Parts’ knowledge will ultimately allow you to open your doors more quickly and focus on your business. 

Wrapping Up

We know that choosing equipment can be a daunting task, so let us help you make the best decision for your business. Questions about equipping your cafe? Contact us today. Espresso Parts has the industry know-how to make your job easier—and your customers happier, too.