yama pour over silverton

The Yama Glass Silverton is a brewer with many tricks. You can use it It to make cold or hot coffee, tea and other infusions. One of the more popular ways to brew with the Silverton is using an immersion style. Below is a great recipe to get you started. Don't be afraid to experiment with the ratio. We use 1:18 here, but 1:15 to 1:17 can taste great as well, depending on the coffee, grinder, and your preference. Many people also like to use double filters when brewing with the Silverton, a Kalita 185 filter fits perfectly.

Yama Glass Silverton


  • Freshly roasted and fresh ground coffee
  • Filtered water - Brewing temperature between 195-205 degrees
  • Timer
  • Scale
  • Yama Kettle


1. Open valve and place decanter underneath filter holder.

2. Preheat and rinse the metal and ceramic filter with hot water. Dispose of rinse water.

Yama Glass Silverton Valve

3. Grind your desired amount of coffee to a medium coarseness. We use a 1:18 ratio to get started. That’s 1 gram of coffee to 18 grams of water. To decide how much water you need multiply the amount of coffee you’re using by 18.

4. Close Valve and add ground coffee to your filter.

5. Add a small amount of your brewing water 50-75 grams to the coffee and let stand. This is called the bloom. Blooming can take anywhere between 30-45 seconds depending on freshness of coffee.

Pour water

6. Use a gooseneck kettle and pour the remainder of your brewing water from the inside of the coffee bed and work your way out slowly in a circular pattern.

7. Full brew should take 3:00 to 3:45 depending on grind setting and coffee roast level. Open valve to dispense coffee to decanter.

8. Pour into a mug and enjoy!