How To Use A Clever Coffee Dripper


The Clever Coffee Dripper is an immersion brew method similar to a french press. However, there are a couple notable differences. First, they are physically different, the clever makes clean up and dispensing the coffee a tad bit easier. The paper filter also offers more clarity within the final cup. One brewer is not better than another, it is all personal coffee preferences.

Below is a great clever recipe, feel free to experiment and stray from the recipe based on your coffee and personal taste. Try changing the ratio or stir time.


1. Place paper filter in the dripper and pre-wet the filter and brewer. This removes any paper taste that could affect the coffee. Dispense the water out of the brewer by placing it over a cup or mug.

2. Grind coffee to a medium course grind, similar to that of sea salt. We recommend beginning with a 1:16 ratio, so we used 20 grams for one cup.

3. Pour around 40 grams of water in the brewer and make sure the water is evenly saturated. Pause and let bloom. The general rule for blooming is to use double the amount of water to coffee. We use an Acia Pearl Scale for measuring.

4. Pour the remaining water in a circular motion until you have reach your final amount. For 20 grams at a 1:16 ratio that is 320 total grams of water.

5. Wait 1 minute then give the coffee a stir to saturate any grounds resting at the top.

6. Wait 30 seconds and place the clever on a decanter or mug. The coffee will dispense in about 30-45 seconds time.