The 8 Best Commercial Espresso Machines for 2022

To us, coffee isn’t just a drink—it’s a way of life. Whether you’re opening a brand-new cafe, running a high-volume coffeehouse or roastery, or simply wanting to add espresso service to your current retail gig, you need an espresso machine that can reliably whip up exceptional coffee—even at high volumes.

We're coffee industry veterans who have helped thousands of businesses evaluate commercial espresso machines, and we put together our best research in this quick article. In it, we'll explore:

  • Our top espresso machine recommendations for busy and high-volume shops
  • The best machine for small spaces, like coffee carts, popups, and tight-squeeze kitchens
  • Price breakdowns of our recommendations so you can make a budget-conscious decision

No matter what your espresso needs and customer preferences, we’ve found a commercial machine to help you easily and quickly deliver an unrivaled cup, every time.

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8 Best Commercial Espresso Machines by Category

1. Best Commercial Machine for High Volume: La Marzocco GB5 S AV - 2 Group

When you’re responsible for serving the masses their daily caffeine, you need a workhorse of a machine that you can rely on for quality and repeatability.

When you choose the La Marzocco GB5 S AV, that’s exactly what you get: a well-built workhorse that just works. An update to the original GB5, this machine boasts dual PID controls, a hot water tap dose, and dual boilers to keep your brewing during the busiest times. La Marzocco has also added vacuum-insulated double-walled steam wands and built-in scales (ABR) for maximized workflow behind the bar.

Even cleaning and maintenance is a cinch for this machine—a big headache business owners typically want to avoid—automatic backflush, scale restrictors, and easy-rebuild steam valves make it easier than ever to keep your machine in tip-top shape. Don’t choose between style and functionality when you can have it all with the La Marzocco GB5 S.

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2. Best Luxury Machine: Slayer Steam LPx

For an espresso machine baristas will love and customers won’t forget, there’s no better choice than the Slayer Steam LPx. Designed with improved steam valves that don't require regular rebuilds, the LPx will churn out delicious milk drinks like cappuccinos, flat whites, and lattes without wavering.

It’s all thanks to the elite technology powering this machine. PID temperature control allows baristas to make precise adjustments to the temperature of the machine on the fly, allowing for multiple flavor options from a single coffee. Automatic mode makes it easy to save and store recipes by weight or time, and the Barista Dashboard’s touch screen interface makes programming a breeze. This combination of volumetric dosing and temperature control lets baristas pull shots more efficiently and makes it easy to accommodate various recipes—even when you’re at your busiest.

A few other features to note: massive drip tray for maximized bar flow, shot light for visibility in dim cafes or evening hours, and independent brew tanks for each group.

For specialty coffee shops and professional baristas who truly see each cup as an experience, Slayer Steam LPx is the top-tier choice for a perfect cup, every single time.

3. Best Machine for the Value: La Marzocco Linea 2 Group EE

When you’re on a budget, you need a machine that’s simple and reliable, without sacrificing performance. With sturdy engineering and complete reliability, the semi-automatic La Marzocco espresso machine is a trusted classic that you can depend on day after day.

Featuring dual-boiler technology and saturated brewing groups, the Linea ensures thermal control and maximum steam capacity for a perfectly matched coffee experience every time—even in busy settings. With robust craftsmanship and a clean, minimalist design, the Linea is as easy to operate as a home espresso machine, making it user friendly for baristas of all backgrounds. Best of all, this tried-and-true classic is budget friendly. So whether you’re a small cafe or just testing the waters of coffee service in your retail space, the Linea is a wise choice for the financially minded.

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4. Best Machine for a Small Space: Ascaso Baby T Plus

Short on space? The Ascaso Baby T Plus is the perfect choice for any espresso-serving venue that lacks the space necessary for a wider, roomier machine. Even if you’ve got room to grow but want a machine that’s light and more easily portable, this sleek machine is for you.

There’s no sacrificing performance with the Baby T Plus. With PID control, volumetric programming, and an onboard shot timer, this small powerhouse truly packs a punch. Plus, separate thermoblocks for espresso and steam make sure you’re never waiting on boilers to warm up or cool down. Measuring just 13.8 inches wide and 17.5 inches tall, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a space too small for the Ascaso Baby T Plus.

5. Best Machine for Drive-Through: Rancilio Classe 7 USB Tall

When speed is the name of the game, the Rancilio Classe 7 USB Tall is ready to race! This automatic espresso machine is designed to meet the needs of high-volume cafes. Its backlit buttons make pulling volumetrically programmed shots faster than ever, and the tall design can accommodate cups up to 5.7 inches in height—perfect for to-go drinks! A polished stainless steel exterior makes for easy cleaning when things get messy, and we know they will. Rancilio’s C-Lever ergonomic steam lever is complete with open-stay and open-close function, giving you the choice of on-demand or continuous steam.

The Classe 7 has optional features that can make your drive-through coffee service even more efficient. Cool touch steam wands help to eliminate burn risk,and iSteam intelligent steaming measures milk temperature and shuts off when the desired level is reached.

6. Best Machine for Baristas: La Marzocco KB90 AV - 3 Group

Dubbed “the ultimate workflow machine,” the La Marzocco KB90 was designed to improve the natural workflow and output of a barista. The gold standard in espresso machine technology, the KB90 can optimize the workflow of the busiest cafes in the world.

The most notable example of this is the straight-in portafilter. That’s right—no rotation! Experienced baristas know that poor form can lead to wrist injuries. This new design reduces the physical strain on a barista by twelve times and helps to mitigate repetitive motion injuries. In busy coffee shops where the barista's pulling shots all day, this can make a big difference.

Additionally, La Marzocco has included an automatic steam flush after each extraction. This reduces the number of time baristas need to back flush and minimizes coffee residue in the group. The KB90’s digital display, shot lights, and pro touch steam wands all add to the already seamless experience.

Baristas will love how they feel after shift upon shift of working behind the La Marzocco KB90, and customers will love the beverages it produces.

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7. Best Machine for Retailers Wanting to Add Coffee Service: Rancilio Classe 5 USB Compact Tall - 2 Group

While we proudly champion the very best espresso makers on the market, we know that there are machines designed to suit every need—including simpler machines that don’t need to be highly technical.

If you’re looking to add espresso service to your already-busy retail space, the Rancilio Classe 5 USB Compact Tall has got you covered.

Starting at only 24 inches in width for the 2-group compact model, it won’t crowd your countertop, so you can whip up espresso drinks in virtually any setting. Because it’s so simple to operate, it won’t waste valuable time needed for customer service, and even the greenest of baristas can quickly master the Classe 5. This user-friendly, semi automatic machine offers the best of a bigger Rancilio model, with easy-touch shot buttons, programmable dosing, and space for cups up to 5.7 inches in height—perfect for to-go beverages. With the Rancilio Classe 5 USB tall in your retail space, customers will be cozying up with their cappuccinos and never wanting to leave.

8. Best Machine for the Office: Ascaso Steel DUO & Ascaso Baby T Plus

Desktops, laptops, scanners and copiers—who needs another bulky appliance in the office? 


For smaller offices, you won’t have any regrets about adding the Ascaso Steel DUO to the mix. With single and double shot programming, a no-burn steam wand, and an onboard timer, even the least tech-savvy of the office will be pulling shots in no time on this easy-to-use espresso machine.


For larger offices with a centralized break room, we recommend the extra power of the Ascaso Baby T Plus. With PID control, volumetric programming, and an onboard shot timer, this small powerhouse will quickly become the talk of the office. Plus, separate thermoblocks for espresso and steam ensure there’s never a line—nobody wants to wait for their coffee! Measuring just 13.8 inches wide and 17.5 inches tall, the Ascaso Baby T Plus fits under standard kitchen cabinets and will be the new centerpiece of your break room.

Breakdown of the Top Espresso Machines





Best high-volume machine

La Marzocco GB5 S


Best luxury machine

Slayer Steam LPx


Best machine for the value

La Marzocco Linea 2 Group EE 


Best machine for small spaces

Ascaso Baby T Plus


Best machine for drive-through

Rancilio Classe 7 USB Tall


Best machine for baristas

La Marzocco KB90


Best Machine for retailers wanting to add coffee service

Rancilio Classe 5 USB Compact Tall


Best machine for offices

Ascaso Steel DUO
Ascaso Baby T Plus




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Best Commercial Espresso Machines - Common FAQs

What is the best brand of commercial espresso machine?

The best brand really depends on your needs and overall budget. Espresso Parts carries commercial espresso machines from top brands like La Marzocco, Slayer, Synesso, Rancilio, Ascaso, and Nuova Simonelli -- giving you the best solutions for high-volume to small space machines and beyond.

How much does a commercial espresso machine cost?

Commercial espresso machines range in price from $5,000 to $30,000. Espresso Parts has a wide variety of commercial espresso machines for all types of coffee shops, cafes, and coffee services that fit your budget.

How long does a commercial espresso machine last?

Commercial espresso machines are built to endure daily service and can last 7-10 years before needing major repairs or replacement.

What about a lever espresso machine?

Lever espresso machines really are beautiful, and they're fun to use. However, they also present a handful of unique challenges, particularly when it comes to espresso shot consistency. The learning curve is higher, so we tend to save recommending lever machines only for higher-end coffee shops and espresso bars that are up for the challenge.

Do you recommend a super-automatic espresso machine?

Espresso machines that grind the beans and pull the shot all at the click of a button are primarily designed for convenience, but rarely for quality. We don't typically recommend super-automatic espresso makers for this reason.

What else do you need to budget for?

The espresso machine is the heart of a coffee experience, but it's not the only gear you need. Make sure to leave some room in the budget for a conical burr grinder (dedicated to espresso, ideally), cups, saucers, shot glasses, and milk pitchers.

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