An Expert Review of the Slayer Single Group Espresso Machine

Satisfying both coffee shops and coffee enthusiasts, the Slayer Single Group espresso machine boasts commercial-quality features for top-tier espresso—no matter where you make it.

But is the Slayer Single Group the best choice for your home or coffee shop?

The Slayer Single Group espresso machine is known for its state-of-the-art features, making precision extraction possible from home, at an event, or the coffee shop. 

In this guide, you’ll discover:

  • Why the Slayer Single Group accommodates both commercial coffee shops and home baristas
  • How Slayer gives baristas total control over the espresso extraction process
  • Whether or not the Slayer Single Group machine stands up to the competition

By the end, you’ll understand if the Slayer Single Group is the right machine for your home or coffee business espresso needs.

Slayer Single Group: An Overview

Slayer Espresso was founded on the principle of creating tools to “Make Coffee Better.” The Slayer Single Group follows this ethos by bringing the powerful espresso features Slayer is known for into a convenient, compact, one-group espresso machine.

Although built as a one-group commercial espresso machine, the Single Group quickly gained notoriety as a sleek, durable, and high-quality home espresso machine among prosumers. Today, the machine serves dual purposes—powering coffee shops and home coffee setups across the world.

Aligned with the design and features of Slayer’s commercial espresso machine lineup, the Single Group machine offers features including:

  • Temperature Stability — With PID temperature control, the Single Group machine consistently maintains accurate temperatures for supreme espresso extraction. Plus, hot water and steam are always available on demand.
  • Independent Brew & Steam Boilers — Create delicious espresso drinks back-to-back and access hot water on demand with reliable independent boilers.
  • Patented Needle Valve — Slayer developed its iconic needle valve technology to improve espresso flow rate, giving baristas the ability to control pre-infusion and beyond.
  • Shot Mirrors — The Slayer Single Group’s design puts the power in baristas’ hands, with intentional features such as shot mirrors and an ergonomic layout.

Whether used for a pop-up event, morning coffee setup, or trusty café espresso machine, the versatile and reliable Slayer Single Group machine works for any environment.

Available Modifications

The Slayer Single Group espresso machine offers several modification opportunities and optional accessories, such as:

Removable Drip Tray

Accommodate multiple cup sizes and varying machine uses with the removable drip basin.


Customize the appearance of your Slayer Single group to match the aesthetics of your home or shop with multiple metal and color finishes and wood handle options to choose from.

Check out the latest prices and available modifications for Slayer Single Group espresso machines. 

How Does the Slayer Single Group Espresso Machine Compare?

If you’re considering adding the Slayer Single Group to your home kitchen or coffee shop, check out how it stacks up to Slayer’s other commercial-quality machines and competitors.

Single Group

Steam LP


Price Range




# of Groupheads





  • Independent boilers
  • PID temperature control
  • Patented needle valve technology
  • Customizable appearance
  • Manual & volumetric controls
  • Digital barista controls per grouphead 
  • Variable pressure features
  • 100% manual extraction 
  • Independent boilers
  • Digital shot timers
  • Patented needle valve technology

Best For …

Home baristas, coffee event companies, or low-volume coffee shops

High-volume coffee shops planning to use volumetric controls to maintain shot consistency

Coffee shops focused on dialing in espresso through manual features and barista craftsmanship

In comparison to the rest of Slayer’s lineup, the Single Group is best for coffee carts or trailers and small, low-volume coffee shops and stands looking for expert espresso extraction from a compact machine. Professionals looking to bring coffee shop quality espresso into their homes find that the Slayer Single Group is a fine choice as well.

But how does the Single Group compare to other one-group machines on the market? Let’s take a look.

Slayer Single Group

La Marzocco Linea Mini

Victoria Arduino E1 Prima

Price Range





  • Independent boilers
  • PID temperature control
  • Patented needle valve technology
  • Commercial build & parts
  • Dual boilers
  • Programmable pre-infusion
  • Stepped temperature control
  • NEO technology reduces energy consumption
  • E1 Prima App brings the machine to life with digital features
  • Volumetric espresso machine

Water Source

Can draw from an external reservoir or pump in water using a commercial rotary pump

2-liter water reservoir or optional plumbing

1-liter water reservoir

Power Source

110 or 220 volts

110 volts

110 volts

Best For …

Home or low-volume coffee shop environments interested in top-tier manual espresso extraction

Home baristas or businesses that pull a low volume of espresso such as restaurants or pop-up events

Small coffee businesses or prosumers looking for a home espresso machine with volumetric capabilities

The Slayer Single Group machine is built with a commercial-first mindset, while also being adaptable for home usage. On the other hand, La Marzocco and Victoria Arduino’s machines both have a price point and features that make home espresso brewing more desirable. While all machines can be used in commercial environments, such as a coffee stand or mobile trailer, the Slayer Single Group is the only option purposefully built to withstand the volume and needs of a coffee business.

A Review of the Slayer Single Group Espresso Machine

Prosumers and coffee business owners alike will find the Slayer Single Group offers high-end espresso extraction tools in a compact design. With temperature stability, flow control, and dual boilers, this Slayer espresso machine provides unparalleled extraction whether it's at home on your countertop or serving up cappuccinos at a busy farmers market.

But, before you make a purchase decision, let’s review the Slayer Single Group’s pros and cons.



Complete extraction control coupled with commercial machinery puts the power in the hands of the barista and leads to delicious results

Limited volume capabilities with only one grouphead

Patented needle valve technology brings flow control to home espresso machines

No volumetric controls

Customizable color, metal, and wood options are available

The Slayer Single Group espresso machine is ideal for coffee businesses or home baristas that:

  • Cater to a low volume of customers, such as at a farmers market, coffee cart, or roastery
  • Want total control over the espresso extraction process
  • Are ready to bring coffee shop quality manufacturing into the home 

Want to add the Slayer Single Group to your home or coffee shop? Check out our available Slayer espresso machines.