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Slayer Single Group Espresso Machine


This item is available to be customized by our world renowned custom shop team. If you can dream it, we can make it happen. To get started customizing schedule a consult with one of our build experts or shoot us an inquiry at

Available for pre-order, estimated to ship the week of November 19th.

The Slayer 1-group is an all-around dream machine. Great for everyone from the serious consumer to the professional barista.  It’s small enough to sit on a kitchen counter, light enough to carry to a pop-up cafe, and powerful enough to handle the highest demand.


Fully equipped with patented needle-valve technology for ultimate flow rate control, an independent brew tank for impeccable temperature stability, a commercial group head, and an individual tank for unlimited steam capacity. Steam and pull shots simultaneously and continuously without pressure drops or temperature loss. You’ll have all the necessary tools to extract the best flavors from each coffee over and over again. This machine was built for commercial use, but fits right in at home, too.

  • Patented needle valve for restricted flow rate aka Pre Brew.
  • Independent brew and steam tanks.
  • PID temperature control, adjustable in 0.1° increments.
  • SSR circuit board for added efficiency and temperature stability.
  • Electronic V3 grouphead rated to 1 million cycles.
  • Commercial brew group assembly and portafilter with 58mm, 18-gram basket.
  • Nanotech-coated precision shower screens.
  • Handcrafted Peruvian walnut actuators & handles.
  • Internal rotary vane pump.
  • Lifetime/resettable shot counter.
  • Power switch for easy on/off.
  • Shot mirror.
  • Smooth-flow hot water tap.
  • Non-slip feet.

Water quality is very important on a Slayer Espresso Machine and you will void your warranty without it. So we recommend the following water filters for this machine; EV9613-21 or the 2015B with a Dual Head System.

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