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E-61 Steam & Water Inlet

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Plane Gasket
M6 x 12 mm Allen Screw
CMA Steam/water Valve Seat Seal Nut
E61 Steam and Water Valve Assembly
O-ring 03068
PTFE Gasket - F_254
Aftermarket Four Hole Steam Wand Tip
Manual-fill Conical Closing Gasket
E61 Steam Wand - Short
Faema E61 Steam/water HandleFaema E61 Steam/water Handle
Paper Gasket
M6 Blind Nut
Spring - 15 x 17 mm
Rear Steam/water Valve Spring
E61 Steam/water Valve Bushing
E61 Steam/water Valve Stem
Valve Gasket Holder Cap
Fixing Nut - M6
Expansion/Non-return Valve Spring
Hot Water Tube Tip
E61 Steam/water Valve Spindle Pin
E61 Steam/water Valve Stem Nut
Futumat/VFA Water Inlet Knob
Group Head/water Inlet Valve HandleGroup Head/water Inlet Valve Handle

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