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Oscar II Hydraulics and Steam Valve

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EPDM Steam Wand Tip O-ring
O-ring 0115 EPDM
LF O-ring 0115 EPDMS_260
EPDM O-ring 0160-20
Stainless Steel Four Hole 8mm Steam Wand Tip
Nuova Simonelli Steam Valve BodyNuova Simonelli Steam Valve Body
Nuova Simonelli New Style Steam Valve ForkNuova Simonelli New Style Steam Valve Fork
Nuova Simonelli Steam Valve Piston Spring
Nuova Simonelli Steam Valve Lever Pin
Nuova Simonelli Steam Wand Nut
M4 x 16 mm Allen Screw
3/8" Brass Fixing Nut
M4 x 12mm Allen Screw

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