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Espresso Parts HQ E61 Group ScreenEspresso Parts HQ E61 Group Screen
51.5mm Group Head Screen
3/8" Copper Gasket
Group Head Screen Screw - CMA
PTFE Gasket
E61 Group Head Dispersion Screw
M12 Portafilter Handle
E61 Group Head Jet Filter
E61 Group Head Jet - 6 x 0.75/0.6mm
Viton O-Ring 0128
E61 Group Cap/other Gasket
PTFE Flat Gasket
Portafilter Handle Chrome End-cap
M6 x 10 mm Allen Screw
3/8" M x 3/8" M BSP Fitting
O-ring 03075 EPDM
Group to Frame Gasket
Group to Frame Gasket - PTFE
PTFE Gasket for E61 Group
Group Head Infusion Piston Spring
E61 Group Head Chrome Mushroom Cap
PTFE Flat Gasket
Faema Portafilter Body
M8 All Thread Stud

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