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Astoria Bottomless PortafilterAstoria Bottomless Portafilter
Lever Piston Gasket
M12 Portafilter Handle
Cafelat Silicone Lever Piston GasketCafelat Silicone Lever Piston Gasket
Lever Piston Re-build KitLever Piston Re-build Kit
57.5mm Lever Group Head Screen
Lower Lever Group Sleeve O-ring
Baristapro Double 18 Gram Portafilter BasketBaristapro Double 18 Gram Portafilter Basket
Lever Group Portafilter O-ring
CMA Group to Boiler Gasket - PTFE
Copper Gasket
Lever Group Rear Rubber Stopper
CMA Group Head to Boiler Gasket
Lever Group Spring - New 140mm Version
Portafilter Handle
C-Clip for Lever Group
Lever Group Bearing Rod
Lower/Front Rubber Stopper for Lever
PTFE Gasket and Holder
Lever Group SleeveLever Group Sleeve
Lever Group Cowling Screw
Lever Group Ball Bearing
Lever Group Piston (Special Order Item)

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