Best Fiorenzato Espresso Grinder for Coffee Shops: F83 or F64?

Fiorenzato grinders have been a staple in European coffee culture for over 80 years. Then in 1948, Pietro Fiorenzato, the company’s namesake, built the first countertop coffee grinder and the rest is history.

With their sharp aesthetic, durable parts, and reliable technology, it’s not hard to see why baristas love working with Fiorenzato’s F83 and F64 grinders. But which is the right choice for your coffee shop?

We’ve created this guide to help you discover if the Fiorenzato F83 or F64 espresso grinder is the best choice for your business. In our guide, you’ll learn:

  • All about Fiorenzato’s revolutionary XGi, PRO, and EVO technology
  • The differences between the F83 and F64 espresso grinders
  • How Fiorenzato grinders compare to the competition

Let’s see which grinder is right for you.

Fiorenzato’s Original Espresso Grinder Technology

Fiorenzato grinder technology was designed to assist baristas during a busy rush, ensure accuracy with each dose, and prolong the lifespan of the equipment. The F83 and F64 grinders offer the following options:

  • XGi — XGi is Fiorenzato’s grind-by-weight technology that enables baristas to consistently and easily dial in precise doses. Using the grinder’s user-friendly touchscreen, baristas can set weight parameters to the tenth of a gram. The built-in scales throughout the grinder measure and adjust grinds to ensure accuracy. Best for busy shops that need to expedite espresso calibration processes.
  • EVO — Grinding coffee uses and conducts a lot of energy, causing the burrs to heat up. If not careful, this heat can cause fluctuations in an espresso recipe. Fiorenzato’s EVO technology regulates the climate inside the grinder so baristas never have to worry about temperature changes affecting an espresso shot. Best for shops preparing hundreds of espresso beverages per day.
  • PRO — All coffee professionals know how important grinder cleaning is. Yet, it can be a total nuisance at the end of a long bar shift. Fiorenzato’s PRO line makes cleaning unbelievably easy. Baristas can detach the grinding chamber using two levers and replace it once clean. Best of all? Doing so will not reset or disrupt grind settings which means you can clean the machine at any time of day—including in the middle of a shift. Best for coffee shops with limited staff or cleaning time.

These features are not automatically included with every Fiorenzato grinder. To ensure that the grinder has the technology you want, look for “XGi,” “EVO,” or “PRO” in the product name. 

For instance, the F64 EVO PRO grinder comes with a climate control system and grinding chamber cleaning mechanism. However, without the XGi, this grinder cannot dispense grounds by weight.

Fiorenzato F64 vs. F83: What’s the Difference?

The main difference between Fiorenzato’s two commercial grinders is the burr size. The F64 features 64mm flat burrs, while the F83 boasts 83mm burrs.

Both grinders utilize in-house manufactured burrs made of M340 steel, meaning they’re food preparation safe, corrosion resistant, and made for performance. 

Fiorenzato F64 Espresso Grinders: A Coffee Shop’s Dream 

The Fiorenzato F64 grinder comes in two models: the F64 EVO XGi PRO and the F64 EVO PRO.

  • F64 EVO XGi PROThis grinder has everything a coffee shop could ever want. Convenience, efficiency, and quality converge with the F64 EVO XGi PRO. Featuring Fiorenzato’s climate control system, grind-by-weight technology, and easy cleaning setup, baristas can dial in with precision on a state-of-the-art grinder. This grinder is best for coffee shops looking to crush a rush while maintaining expert espresso quality.
  • F64 EVO PRO While this grinder doesn’t offer the XGi grind-by-weight feature, baristas can still calibrate an espresso recipe with a timed dose set on the touch-screen. This Fiorenzato grinder is ideal for businesses prioritizing quick and repeatable processes behind the bar.

Both grinders come with continuous micrometric grind settings, allowing baristas to carefully adjust grind size as needed.

Fiorenzato F83 Espresso Grinders: One Step Closer to Perfection

Much like the F64 espresso grinders, the F83 product line offers innovative features designed to enhance the efficiency of your coffee shop. The 83mm burrs give high-volume shops the confidence to pull a delicious shot of espresso for every drink—no matter how long the customer queue is!

The F83 espresso grinder comes in two models: F83 E PRO and F83 E XGi PRO.

  • F83 E PROThe F83 E PRO is a deceptively simple machine. With the detachable grinding chamber for quick cleaning, continuous micrometric grind settings, and a lightning-fast touchscreen, baristas can rely on the F83 E PRO for a seamless process with every shot. The F83 E PRO is best for coffee shops looking for a reliable espresso grinder for years to come.
  • F83 E XGi PRO Adding to the capabilities of the F83 E PRO, the F83 E XGi PRO brings the convenience of grind-by-weight technology to this innovative grinder. Baristas can set a dose in seconds, thanks to the simple touchscreen display, and go about their shift without worry. The F83 E XGi PRO espresso grinder from Fiorenzato is great for coffee shops looking for a grinder with integrated scales and a larger burr size for greater espresso shot precision.

A key difference between the F83 espresso grinders and the F64 product line is the lack of the EVO technology. F83 grinders do not have a climate control system inside the product.

How Do Fiorenzato Espresso Grinders Compare?

Before you add an F64 or F83 to your coffee shop, take a look at how they stack up next to the competition.

Burr Size



Fiorenzato F64


  • EVO climate control system
  • XGi grind-by-weight features
  • PRO removable grind chamber
  • Digital display


Fiorenzato F83


  • XGi grind-by-weight features
  • PRO removable grind chamber
  • Digital display


Victoria Arduino Mythos 2


  • Gravimetric dosing
  • Variable grind speed
  • Temperature-controlled burrs


Mahlkönig E80 Supreme


  • Temperature management
  • Quiet grinding
  • Digital display


Compared to espresso equipment manufacturing giants, Victoria Arduino and Mahlkönig, Fiorenzato espresso grinders offer affordable pricing and dependable technology.

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Wrapping Up

Boasting durable burrs and the technology every barista wants on bar, Fiorenzato espresso grinders make an excellent and affordable addition to any coffee shop. Whether you need the efficiency of the F64 EVO XGi PRO or the reliable mechanics of the F83 E PRO, there’s a Fiorenzato espresso grinder for your business.

Need help outfitting your coffee shop with the right equipment? The Espresso Parts team is up to the task. We’ll find the best combination of coffee brewing and grinding gear based on your business’s needs and budget. Contact us today!