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Espresso Parts HQ E61 Group ScreenEspresso Parts HQ E61 Group Screen
Plane Gasket
Open Double Portafilter Spout
M12 Portafilter Handle
E61 Complete Double PortafilterE61 Complete Double Portafilter
Triple Portafilter Spout
O-ring 0109
8 mm Stainless Filter Screen
Faema Portafilter Body
Faema Group Head Jet/filter Assembly
M8 Metric Nut
M8 All Thread Stud
O-ring 02068 EPDM
C-clip E-9
M8 Elastic Washer
E61 Steam/water Valve Bushing
Faema Compact Group PTFE Gasket
Faema Compact Manual Group Head Gasket
Exhaust Funnel (Special Order Item)
Group Delivery Valve Pin
Faema Group Valve Body
Faema Group Jet
Faema E-66 P-6 Group to Boiler Gasket

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