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Gradisca/New Portofino/Firenze/Valetta Group

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Open Double Portafilter Spout
E61 Brew Valve - New Version - Complete
220V 50/60Hz 9W Parker Solenoid Coil220V 50/60Hz 9W Parker Solenoid Coil
Large Solenoid Voltage ConnectorLarge Solenoid Voltage Connector
220V 50/60Hz 9W Lucifer Solenoid Coil220V 50/60Hz 9W Lucifer Solenoid Coil
O-Ring 0119 EPDM
Astoria Group Cap Filter ScreenAstoria Group Cap Filter Screen
Group Head Jet/GigleurGroup Head Jet/Gigleur
O-ring 03075 EPDM
Group Head Infusion Piston Spring
Faema Portafilter Body
Faema/E61 Group to Boiler Gasket
M8 All Thread Stud
Group Head Jet/Gigleur - 0.6Group Head Jet/Gigleur - 0.6
Solenoid Drain Barb Fitting
18mm Group Head Cap
E61 Portafilter Body - Straight 8mm

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