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Astoria Divina Boiler/Heating Elements

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1/4" Anti-Vacuum Valve
Espresso Parts 1/4" Anti-Vacuum ValveW10837
Sale price$13.20
In stock
Auto Fill Probe - Level Water Filling Probe
3/8" Copper Gasket
Espresso Parts 3/8" Copper GasketF_201
Sale price$1.95
In stock
PTFE Heating Element Gasket
Espresso Parts PTFE Heating Element GasketF_1403
Sale price$2.00
In stock
3/8" Certified Safety Valve
Espresso Parts 3/8" Certified Safety ValveV_511A
Sale price$56.69
In stock
Copper Gasket for 1/4" Fittings
Espresso Parts Copper Gasket for 1/4" FittingsC_129
Sale price$1.95
In stock
Astoria/CMA 110V 2000W Heating ElementAstoria/CMA 110V 2000W Heating Element
Espresso Parts Astoria/CMA 110V 2000W Heating ElementAS_95
Sale price$82.38
Low Inventory, Order Soon
Composite Paper Heating Element Gasket
CMA 220V 4000W Six Pole Heating ElementCMA 220V 4000W Six Pole Heating Element
110V 50/60Hz 9W 1/8" x 1/8" Two-way Parker Solenoid110V 50/60Hz 9W 1/8" x 1/8" Two-way Parker Solenoid
CMA Group to Boiler Gasket - PTFE
Espresso Parts CMA Group to Boiler Gasket - PTFEAS_121
Sale price$8.75
In stock
CMA Boiler End-cap Gasket - PTFE
Espresso Parts CMA Boiler End-cap Gasket - PTFEAS_120
Sale price$29.99
In stock
CMA Boiler Safety Valve Cover Flange
CMA Boiler Safety Valve CoverCMA Boiler Safety Valve Cover
Espresso Parts CMA Boiler Safety Valve CoverAS_241
Sale price$21.77
In stock
CMA 220V 2600W Six Pole Heating Element
Astoria Divina Cartridge Heat Exchanger Gasket
1/4" M BSP Plug (Upper/lower Sight Glass/Boiler, etc.)
CMA Sight Glass/Heat Exchanger Assembly Washer
CMA Boiler Safety  Valve Cover O-ring
CMA 11 Hole Black Paper Composite Boiler End-cap Gasket
110V 1700W Heating Element (Special Order Item)
Astoria 'Normal' Cartridge Type Heat Exchanger (Special Order Item)
Astoria "Divina" New Version Heat Exchanger
REPA Astoria "Divina" New Version Heat ExchangerAS_238
Sale price$247.32
In stock
CMA Heating Element Fixing Nut
Espresso Parts CMA Heating Element Fixing NutW10660
Sale price$3.61
In stock
CMA 220V 3700W Four Pole Heating Element
CMA Boiler Screw M10 x 20mm
Espresso Parts CMA Boiler Screw M10 x 20mmAS_77
Sale price$1.95
In stock
Hot Water Draw Tube
Espresso Parts Hot Water Draw TubeAS_85
Sale price$43.66
Low Inventory, Order Soon
Astoria/Wega Heating Element O-ring
Stainless Steel Headless Boiler Screw
LF Stainless Steel Headless Boiler ScrewW_582
Sale price$2.96
In stock
Brass 90° Fitting
Espresso Parts Brass 90° FittingW5189
Sale price$21.23
In stock
Astoria 'Calypso' Large Heat Exchanger (Special Order Item)
CMA Heat Exchanger Injector Pipe Fitting
Astoria Heat Exchange Draw Tube Fitting (Special Order Item)
Three Way Boiler Fitting
LF Three Way Boiler FittingAS_66
Sale price$34.87
In stock

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