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Aurelia Sight Glass and Pump Hydraulics

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3/8" M x 3/8" F BSP Closing Valve3/8" M x 3/8" F BSP Closing Valve
O-Ring OR 0114 EPDM
Save 45%
Double Scale Pressure GaugeDouble Scale Pressure Gauge
1/4" F x 3/8" M BSP Adapter Fitting1/4" F x 3/8" M BSP Adapter Fitting
3/8" M BSP x 1/4" M BSP Fitting
1/4" Fixing Nut - Thin
Nuova Simonelli Safety Valve Cover
3/8" Fixing Nut - Thin
3/8" Brass Fixing Nut
1/4" M x 1/4" M x 1/4" F BSP Fitting
Nuova Simonelli Sight Glass Fitting
Nuova Simonelli OEM Double Scale GaugeNuova Simonelli OEM Double Scale Gauge
1/4" BSP Nut1/4" BSP Nut
Nuova Simonelli Safety Valve Body

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