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Manual Group Head

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Espresso Parts HQ E61 Group ScreenEspresso Parts HQ E61 Group Screen
E61 Group Head Dispersion Screw
E61 Brew Valve - New Version - Complete
E61 Group Head Jet - 6 x 0.75/0.6mm
PTFE Gasket for 1/2" Fittings
Viton O-Ring 0128
E61 Group Lower Infusion Valve Spring
PTFE Flat Gasket
Valve Spring 14 x 33 mm
Group to Frame Gasket - PTFE
Brass Guard Washer
Water Delivery Knob
Faema E61 Lever Cam Bushing
E61 Manual Group Valve Gasket Holder
Group Microswitch
M6 Blind Nut
Group Brewing Microswitch
E61 Group Cam Holder Plug
E61 Upper Extraction Valve Rod
E61 Manual Group Lever Butt Pin

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