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Nuova Simonelli Bottomless PortafilterNuova Simonelli Bottomless Portafilter
Nuova Simonelli Double Conical Portafilter Basket - 14gr
Red Two-pole On/off SwitchRed Two-pole On/off Switch
Espresso Parts Red Two-pole On/off SwitchS_693
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Nuova Simonelli Portafilter Handle Cap
Nuova Simonelli Portafilter Handle Rubber Grip
Nuova Simonelli Water Reservoir - Musica (Special Order Item)
1/4" M x 1/4" F x 1/4" F T Fitting
Espresso Parts 1/4" M x 1/4" F x 1/4" F T FittingV_2277
Sale price$8.91
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Canvas Reinforced Silicone Tube 5 x 10mm (Special Order Item)Canvas Reinforced Silicone Tube 5 x 10mm (Special Order Item)
Two Pole Black Switch
Espresso Parts Two Pole Black SwitchS_953
Sale price$4.39
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Flowmeter - Low Pressure - NSFFlowmeter - Low Pressure - NSF
Espresso Parts Flowmeter - Low Pressure - NSFS_962
Sale price$22.21
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Zinc Cross Head Screw M4 x 20
Nuova Simonelli Zinc Cross Head Screw M4 x 20GAS_24
Sale price$1.98
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Screw M4 x 12 AQ TC T.CR. Zinc (Special Order Item)
Hose Clamp 8.5 (Special Order Item)
Nuova Simonelli Hose Clamp 8.5 (Special Order Item)S_1001
Sale price$4.62
Special Order
Nuova Simonelli Portafilter Handle Bolt
LF Nuova Simonelli Portafilter Handle BoltS_423
Sale price$12.51
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Power Cord with Terminals - Nuova Simonelli (Special Order Item)
Leather Portafilter Handle (Special Order Item)
100° C Pump High-limit Thermostat (Special Order Item)
Nuova Simonelli 'Musica' 5 Button Dosing Circuit (Special Order Item)
Nuova Simonelli 'Musica' 220V Main Electronic Board (Special Order Item)

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