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Astoria Modern Solenoid Groups

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Group Head Jet/GigleurGroup Head Jet/Gigleur
110V 50/60Hz 9W Lucifer Solenoid Coil110V 50/60Hz 9W Lucifer Solenoid Coil
CMA Group Head to Boiler Gasket
Portafilter Handle
Astoria Group Head Bell
Astoria 42mm Pod Adapter Screen
PTFE Solenoid Flange Gasket
8.5 x 5 x 1mm Copper Gasket
CMA Ergonomic Portafilter Handle
Group Head Jet/Gigleur - 0.6Group Head Jet/Gigleur - 0.6
Astoria Pod Adapter Dispersion Plate O-ring
CMA Ergonomic Portafilter Handle Cap
Astoria Solenoid Exhaust Tube
Astoria Frame to Boiler Fixing Screw
18mm Group Head Cap
Paper Compression Gasket
Astoria Older Group Inlet Pipe
Astoria Newer Group Inlet Pipe

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