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Modify My Portafilter to Bottomless

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Quick Overview

We do not modify stainless steel portafilters!

Product description

Okay, so you have an extra 58mm portafilter and you want to go bottomless, a great idea. It will without a doubt improve your espresso shot consistency and quality. How you might ask? Well with a bottomless 58mm portafilter the user knows right away and can troubleshoot shot from the get go.

Well, send it to us and we will do the modification and send it back to you within 72 hours! How's that for service? Years ago some Barista's from Zoka Coffee in Seattle were playing around with an idea, and thus the creation of the Bottomless Portafilter! Before that according to espresso legend a bottomless portafilter was created at ESI/La Marzocco to find out what was happening with the filter basket at extraction.

We do not modify stainless steel portafilters!

If you're up to the task, send the portafilter (58mm only) to Espresso Parts 4315 Lacey Blvd SE, Lacey WA 98503

Please insure your item and if sent via the postal service please use delivery confirmation. We will ship your portafilter back via Fed Ex. When you order you will be charged your freight costs upfront.

Note:áDue to the fact that this is a modification to a manufactured part, there may be some minor scuffing of the interior sides of the portafilter. This is cosmetic only and will not effect the function. No external scuffing occurs during the process.

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