Sanremo Zoe Competition Volumetric Espresso Machine

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The Zoe Competition is a very clean and minimalist-looking espresso machine with its straight lines and modern styling, perfect for any café looking for an industrial look. This espresso machine was designed for strength and features easy access points making it easier to inspect and work on, lowering service costs. It's great at maximizing space and fits like a glove on the bar next to your other equipment and coffee accessories. The Zoe has a small footprint and is a great option for cafés with tight spaces. 

Also available in the tall version.

Zoe Competition Features

The Zoe Competition is a carefully thought-out model that is both sleek and beautiful in any space. We love the innovative all-in-one single skin design with panels that can be color customized to match any environment. This commercial espresso machine is great for efficiency too. The boiler has a large 10-liter capacity and features electronic auto-level technology and a probe that maintains an accurate filling level in the boiler so your barista's workflow is never interrupted. You'll also notice it has a shot timer that accurately and reliably times coffee extractions. This is a great espresso machine that is both aesthetically pleasing and great for productivity.

  • The broiler is automatically filled and maintained to the right filling level via the electronic level probe.
  • Activated electronic pre-infusion.
  • The double reading gauge allows control of the boiler pressure and the distribution pressure at the same time.
  • Fast access to the internal parts makes technical service easy.
  • Automatic cleaning cycle for coffee group cleaning.
  • LED work light area to accommodate any work environment regardless of the lighting situation.
  • The tall version features an adjustable drip tray with a 5 2/4” cup clearance.

About the Brand

Sanremo is a brand that has set the bar in the industry with coffee machine designs well polished in the style category that are loaded with impressive technology features. The real-time digital displays on some models were inspired by fighter jets and motorcycles and allow the barista to monitor and make changes to water volume, temperature, and shot times giving them more control over the quality of their drinks. Most machines also feature an energy savings system, an eco mode that the machines kick into during idle moments and can save owners 20% in electricity costs making them eco-friendly espresso machines. Sanremo offers premium commercial espresso machines that are built with a passion for professional baristas who love the day-to-day art of coffee and business owners who are looking for custom machines to match their café’s brand and decor. Give your café a cool look and up the vibe with a Sanremo.

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