Best Sanremo Espresso Machines: Café Racer, Zoe Competition, or F18?

Sanremo Coffee Machines are known for pairing powerful features with stylish designs across all of their products. The company prides itself on taking inspiration from all over—including motorcycle design or the craftsmanship behind a fighter jet’s construction—and implementing those influences into its machines.

Espresso machines from Sanremo are built to fulfill both a barista’s passion for superior brewing and a business owner’s need for a reliable machine. But is a Sanremo espresso machine the right choice for your coffee shop?

Sanremo’s impressive catalog of espresso machines offers a wide range of espresso extraction technology, energy-saving features, and aesthetically-stunning designs to meet every café’s needs.

We’ve put together this guide to help you choose the right Sanremo espresso machine for your coffee shop.

In our guide, you’ll learn:

  • Which Sanremo espresso machine provides powerful features at an affordable price
  • Why the Sanremo F18 is a barista’s favorite espresso machine
  • How the Sanremo Café Racer pairs technology with aesthetics  

By the end, you’ll know which Sanremo machine will work best for your coffee business.

The Best Sanremo Espresso Machines by Category

1. The Best Value Espresso Machine: Zoe Competition

Don’t let the Zoe Competition’s small footprint and minimalist appearance fool you. This espresso machine packs a wealth of valuable features and technology into a small frame.

Designed to reduce service costs, the purposeful layout of the machine makes it easier to access critical maintenance points. And the machine’s small footprint enables coffee shop owners to maximize bar space without sacrificing beverage quality.

The Zoe Competition’s efficient features mean a barista’s workflow is never interrupted by temperature or pressure drops. Boiler auto-fill functions, electronic pre-infusion, and a double reading gauge all work to ensure the extraction is up to a professional barista’s standards.

The Sanremo Zoe Competition’s intentional design, quality parts, and affordable price make it a solid choice for first-time café owners looking to invest in an espresso machine that will last. With fewer service calls needed and simple, yet powerful, brewing features, the Zoe Competition is a great choice for new coffee shops.

Check out the latest prices for the Sanremo Zoe Competition.

2. The Best Barista-Approved Machine: F18

To gain the approval of a professional barista, an espresso machine needs to offer features that maximize barflow and brewing efficiency without affecting the quality of espresso extraction. The Sanremo F18 espresso machine accomplishes this—and more.

Inspired by the cockpit of a fighter jet, the multi-boiler Sanremo F18 puts the control in the barista’s hands. From programmable espresso shots with soft pre-infusion capabilities to machine diagnostics, the barista (and business owner) are always in the captain’s seat. 

These effective features won’t bust your budget either. Located squarely in the middle of Sanremo’s espresso machine lineup, the F18 is a reasonably priced option for coffee shops looking to tackle every rush with consistent brewing capabilities.

The Sanremo F18 espresso machine is a great option for coffee shops that want to craft specific espresso recipes while also maintaining an efficient workflow behind the bar. Coffee shops that experience multiple rushes per day find that the F18 stands up to constant use and delivers drink quality shot after shot. 

Learn more about the Sanremo F18.

3. The Best Artisan Machine: Café Racer

The Sanremo Café Racer is truly a work of art. 

This espresso machine is a demonstration of Sanremo’s technological advancements. Through energy-saving systems, volumetric features, and digital displays for all brewing and steaming parameters, baristas can showcase their craft with every espresso shot. 

On top of premium espresso features, the Café Racer’s appearance can be customized to match your coffee shop’s brand and interior design. Choose from a steampunk leather look with the Renegade, a simple, cozy appearance with the White & Wood choice, or a classic racing aesthetic with the Black & Red highlights.

Sanremo’s Café Racer is the ultimate espresso machine for coffee shops that want a one-of-a-kind customer experience involving everything from visual appearance to unrivaled coffee quality

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Breakdown of Sanremo’s Espresso Machines



Starting Price

Best Value Sanremo Espresso Machine

Sanremo Zoe Competition


Best Barista-Approved Sanremo Espresso Machine

Sanremo F18


Best Artisan Sanremo Espresso Machine

Sanremo Café Racer


Wrapping Up

Sanremo espresso machines are influenced by motorcycles and fighter jets—and designed for coffee pros. Offering world-class technology at reasonable prices, Sanremo brings the best espresso extraction features to cafés around the globe. Whether you want the small footprint of the Sanremo Zoe Competition, the barista-approved features of the F18, or the bespoke designs of the Café Racer, a Sanremo espresso machine is a great addition to every coffee shop.

Need help choosing from Sanremo’s espresso machine lineup? Let us help! Our team of experts is ready to help you identify the right espresso machine for your business. Send us a message!