An Expert Review of the Slayer v3 Espresso Machine

Since launching in 2007, Slayer espresso machines have had a singular goal: to brew better espresso. The Slayer v3 espresso machine accomplishes this and then some.

The Slayer v3 espresso machine is a coffee artisan’s dream come true, with flow rate control and manual brewing features for the ultimate flavor extraction with every shot.

Could this espresso machine be the right choice for your coffee shop?

By the end of our guide, you’ll understand:

  • The core features of a Slayer v3 espresso machine
  • What machine modifications are available for coffee shops 
  • How well the v3 compares to other Slayer espresso machines (and the competition!)

Let’s kick things off.

An Overview of the Slayer v3 Espresso Machine

Have you ever tasted a magnificent coffee on the cupping table, only to be utterly disappointed when it was brewed as an espresso? Slayer’s founder, Jason Prefontaine, set out to solve that problem.

In 2007, Slayer espresso machines launched onto the scene, debuting their flagship machine and patented needle-valve flow control technology at the 2009 Specialty Coffee Association Expo. 

Today, the Slayer v3 model is the pinnacle of manual espresso extraction. Solely focused on extracting the best flavors from each shot, this espresso machine comes equipped with the features and functionality that die-hard coffee professionals desire, including:

  • Manual espresso extraction No volumetric settings or automatic extraction here. The v3 model’s brew actuator gives baristas total control of the extraction process and flavor profiling with three positions: Off, Pre-Brew, and Full Brew.
  • Patented needle-valve technology Grind coffees finer and extract unbelievable flavors using Slayer’s needle-valve technology for a restricted flow rate.
  • Independent brew and steam tanks Enjoy precise temperature stability and hot water on demand with individual boilers.
  • Digital shot timers Baristas can precisely dial-in the Pre-Brew and Full Brew extraction with shot timers.
  • Shot mirrorRecognize espresso preparation errors and monitor extraction with shot mirrors placed perfectly on the machine.
  • Ergonomic designWith a low counter height and features built for baristas, the Slayer v3 is a dream to work on.

Available Modifications

Design your ideal Slayer v3 espresso machine with the following modifications:

Model Size

Choose from a 2- or 3-group machine to accommodate your coffee shop’s current or anticipated volume.

Colors & Finishes

Match your v3 espresso machine to the shop’s aesthetic by selecting the panel colors, wood types, metal finishes, and cup rails you desire.

Check out the latest prices for the Slayer v3 espresso machine here.

How Does the v3 Compare to Other Slayer Espresso Machines?

The Slayer v3 was designed with unparalleled espresso quality in mind—much like all of Slayer’s espresso machines. If you’re thinking about adding the v3 to your coffee shop, take a look at how it compares to the Slayer Steam LP and Steam EP.


Steam LP

Steam EP

Price Range




# of Groupheads





  • 100% manual extraction 
  • Independent boilers
  • Digital shot timers
  • Patented needle-valve technology
  • Manual & volumetric controls
  • Digital barista controls for each grouphead 
  • Variable pressure features
  • Volumetric controls
  • Programmable Pre-Wet & Pause extraction phases
  • Digital barista dashboard

Best For …

Coffee shops focused on dialing in espresso through manual features and barista craftsmanship

High-volume coffee shops planning to use volumetric controls to maintain shot consistency

Entry-level coffee shops interested in bringing Slayer’s extraction technology to the bar

Out of all of Slayer’s espresso machines, the v3 offers baristas the most manual control over extraction. From the classic paddle extraction process to the patented needle-valve technology that manipulates flow rate, the v3 will spotlight your baristas’ knowledge and craftsmanship unlike any other machine.

How does the Slayer v3 stack up against other espresso machine manufacturers? Let’s find out.

Slayer v3

La Marzocco Linea Classic

Victoria Arduino Eagle One

Price Range




# of Groupheads





  • 100% manual extraction 
  • Independent boilers
  • Digital shot timers
  • Patented needle-valve technology
  • Choose between Semi-Automatic (EE), Standard Mechanical Paddle (MP), or Auto-Volumetric (AV) controls for ultimate extraction control
  • Semi-Automatic and Volumetric controls
  • NEO heating technology
  • Access to the Victoria Arduino app for recipe sharing and quality control

Best For …

Home or low-volume coffee shop environments interested in top-tier manual espresso extraction

High-volume coffee shops needing to consistently produce quality espresso drinks 

Coffee shops looking to produce a high volume of espresso while conserving energy 

While the Linea Classic and Eagle One espresso machines offer volumetric features, they lack the fully manual espresso extraction capabilities of the Slayer v3 espresso machine. 

The Slayer v3 Espresso Machine: In Review

The Slayer v3 espresso machine puts the control back in the barista’s hands. With completely manual features, the v3 empowers baristas to experiment with flavor profiles and dial-in amazing espresso shots. 

Before adding the Slayer v3 to your coffee shop bar, let’s review the machine’s pros and cons.



Manual extraction features enable baristas to create unique flavor profiles by manipulating flow rate, infusion times, and more

Lack of volumetric controls means greater barista focus is required during busy café rushes

Patented needle-valve technology allows baristas to control the flow rate

More expensive than most commercial espresso machines

Customizable color, metal, and wood options are available

Overall, the Slayer v3 is a powerful espresso machine for coffee shops that want to:

  • Spotlight barista craftsmanship through manual espresso extraction tools
  • Develop unique flavor profiles for espresso beverages, blends, and single-origin coffees
  • Take control of the espresso extraction process

Want to add the Slayer v3 to your coffee business? Check out our available Slayer espresso machines.