Sanremo is a brand that has set the bar in the industry with coffee machine designs well polished in the style category that are loaded with impressive technology features. The look of these machines is incredibly unique and give business owners the opportunity to choose from a catalog of machines that instantly elevate a space while also paying careful attention to the workflow needs of a busy café crew. Sanremo is a great option if you're looking to successfully brand your coffee shop. So if you happen to be searching for that perfect espresso machine that blends high end technology with style then you have found it.
There is a lot of buzz around the styling of a Sanremo Espresso Machine and most people know them because of the digital display designs that were inspired by fighter jets and British motorcycles. 

Café Racer

The Café Racer has a real time digital display that was inspired by motorcycle speedometers. This technical design is a powerful tool for baristas to help them understand their coffee better. Baristas can monitor their shots and boiler/steam performance so adjustments can be made on the spot, ensuring perfect coffee drinks in the hands of every customer.

And if you want to brand yourself by providing an exciting coffee experience the Café Racer Naked features see-through sides so you can get a true glimpse of its working components and its heart of steel featuring a boiler made of AISI 316. Fun for kids, adults and coffee nerds.



The F18SB is the latest machine from the Sanremo collection and was inspired by its predecessor the F18. The real time digital display looks a lot like the cockpit of an airplane and really elevates the barista experience. Like most machines from Sanremo, it features an energy saving system: eco mode. This system kicks on during idle moments and can save owners 20% in electricity costs. We just love eco-friendly espresso machine options.


Espresso Parts also offers Sanremo Espresso Grinders, including the best selling SR83 OD Grinder for its fast grinding technology and the SR64 OD Grinder  which is equally popular as a decaf or second grinder for smaller cafés.

Sanremo Characteristics

As Masters of the Specialty Coffee Universe we are very particular when it comes to choosing products for our online assortment. Below are just a few of the features found in these Italian made Sanremo Coffee Machines.  We are very confident that these are some of the best commercial espresso machines.

  • Multi boiler system.
  • Soft pre-infusion.
  • System digital display that provides visibility of all working parameters.
  • Stainless steel cool touch steam wands.
  • Energy Saving System.
  • Easy service.

Sanremo offers premium commercial espresso machines and grinders that are built with passion for professional baristas who love the day to day art of coffee and business owners who are looking for custom machines to match their café’s brand and decor. Give your café a cool look and up the vibe with a Sanremo.