Sanremo Café Racer Renegade Volumetric Espresso Machine

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The Café Racer is a multi boiler, automatic espresso machine that stands out as being high performance and loved by baristas for its reliability and thermal stability. Just like the name implies this espresso machine was inspired by the motorcycles that originated in London and can be seen in the functionality and performance of the digital display system which acts as a powerful tool to help baristas understand their coffee better. A couple of things that really stand out about this machine are the adjustable drip trays and 360° cool touch steam wands. This espresso machine is perfect for specialty and high-volume cafés and because it's easy to use, any barista can use it. This is a fully customizable espresso machine that can be designed to fit your café look and needs.

Café Racer Renegade Features

The Café Renegade is the ultimate option in customizing your espresso machine to match the personality of your café. It features handmade finishes in a beautiful organic color palette made of oxidized copper and reddish-brown brass with unique additions such as a hand-sewn leather saddlebag that is fully functional as a place to keep all your barista tools handy. This machine is definitely a statement piece for any café.

  • The boiler system ensures a new level of thermal precision thanks to the 4 points of temperature PID control.
  • Volumetric pump performance: the unique 300 l/h pump guarantees constant pressure in all conditions of the machine's use.
  • High-performance flowmeter volumetrics ensure an accurate and precise dose in the cup.
  • System digital display provides visibility of all working parameters, with smart touch settings of the individual groups.
  • For maximum thermal stability the portafilters and boilers are made of AISI 316 steel and the groups are made of AISI 316L.
  • Adjustable height work surface: the “all in one” suspension system allows cups of different shapes and heights for high productivity and temperature control.
  • Soft-preinfusion: the Flowactive System allows for precise control of the water flow and pre-infusion time.
  • LED work light area to accommodate any work environment regardless of the lighting situation.
  • Scheduled maintenance based on liters of coffee dispensed plus an automatic cleaning cycle.

*Please note that the leather saddlebag is an additional add-on feature. 

About the Brand

Sanremo is a brand that has set the bar in the industry with coffee machine designs well polished in the style category that are loaded with impressive technology features. The real-time digital displays on some models were inspired by fighter jets and motorcycles and allow the barista to monitor and make changes to water volume, temperature, and shot times giving them more control over the quality of their drinks. Most machines also feature an energy savings system, an eco mode that the machines kick into during idle moments and can save owners 20% in electricity costs making them eco-friendly espresso machines. Sanremo offers premium commercial espresso machines that are built with a passion for professional baristas who love the day-to-day art of coffee and business owners who are looking for custom machines to match their café’s brand and decor. Give your café a cool look and up the vibe with a Sanremo.

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