barista frothing milk in a steaming pitcher from espresso parts

Steaming milk is one of the most important parts of making a latte or cappuccino. Getting the perfect microfoam creates better texture, and of course, makes it easier to pour latte art. While art isn’t needed in making a great drink, pouring a many-tiered tulip is one of the joys of being a barista.

Pouring art relies heavily on steaming the milk properly, holding the pitcher correctly and knowing when and where to pour. The team at Barista Basics designed their pitchers with an ergonomic handle and a precision pour spout so that you can pour anything, from a monk’s head to a 9-tiered tulip framed by rosettas, without the pitcher feeling unnatural.

The temperature of your milk is another integral part of creating a quality drink. While some prefer the infamous “extra hot” drinks, the ultimate sweetness of the milk can only be reached by keeping your temperature within a certain range. Too cool, and your milk won’t achieve it’s full sweetness, and customers will often complain. Too hot, and you will denature the proteins of the milk and could curdle the milk. But hitting that sweet spot, with the right level of microfoam, is what gets that “Wow!” reaction that is so satisfying. That’s why Barista Basics offers steaming pitchers that come with thermometers. The thermometers have adjustable clips, and can be recalibrated to ensure consistent measurements while steaming.

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