Barista wearing Barista Basics Hat from Espresso Parts

Being a barista is one of the best jobs out there. It’s not so much a job as it is a way of life. You get to spend our days in some of the coolest environments, surrounded by coffee, serving and conversing with people of all walks of life. There is appeal for people who are into the science of coffee, dialing it in, weighing it out, accounting for all of the variables and identifying the subtleties in the flavor profiles, and there is appeal for those who prefer the more creative, artistic side of coffee. Pouring latte art, discovering creative new mixtures, or honing the flavor of a house blend.

Baristas definitely have it good, but they don’t get to have all the fun. Barista Basics wanted to make sure the everyday coffee lover could dress the part and use the same tools available to the professionals, so they released produce shirts, hats, pins, mugs, shot glasses, and more, and make them available to the public.

Espresso Parts gear includes t shirts, sweat shirts, and hats, to help you declare your love of coffee and espresso, and to show off the Jolly Roger.

Whether it's a limited edition cappuccino cup or a trusty coffee mug, Espresso Parts has what you need to stock up and keep the coffee flowing.

2oz and 4oz shot glasses with measuring lines are available from Espresso Parts to help you measure and test shots at home. From ristretto to lungo, you can guarantee precise shots.

Rock the Jolly Roger or the Flying Portafilter with 1 inch buttons from Espresso Parts. Wear them on hats or shirts, pin them on your backpack or vest. Make sure everyone knows you are a proud espresso drinker.

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