Barista Basics Line of Barista Tools are manufactured with Highest Quality material. Durability with thoughtful ergonomics built into each tool By Espresso Parts


The right tools in the hands of a professional barista are what makes the difference between a basic cup of coffee and a remarkable coffee experience. The right steamer or frothing pitcher, a tamper that is ergonomically designed by baristas for baristas - these are the small touches that create the perfect cup of coffee and differentiate Espresso Part’s line of barista tools from other industry tools. Espresso Parts, already known for their highest quality porcelain, want to deliver that same high standard of workmanship and durability to Barista Basics, their line of professional barista tools.

Drawing from their many years of experience along with input from professional baristas, the Barista Basics line of tools manufactured by Espresso Parts sets a new standard in design and durability for the behind the bar tools used every day in coffee houses across the US.

The best cup of coffee is served from an espresso machine that is kept clean and maintained. A cleaning schedule and the proper cleaning materials are essential to keeping the best tasting espresso pouring from your machine.

The cleaning kits from Espresso Parts contain the finest machine cleaner, along with durable, perfectly designed tools and brushes that will keep your espresso machine serving the best coffees in town.


It does not matter if you are a professional barista or a devoted coffee connoisseur - display your caffeine enthusiasm for all to see with Espresso Parts Gear.

The quality you expect from Espresso Parts! Our 100% USA made organic bamboo t-shirts are soft, luxurious, durable and a testament to your love of all things coffee!

Buttons, mugs, shot glasses - all with a fun design that tells the world you are a coffee aficionado!

The Barista Basics line of knockboxes by Espresso Parts are designed by baristas and manufactured by Espresso Parts for quality, durable, behind the bar functionality!

Made with exceptionally strong materials to stand up to the daily rigors of restaurant abuse, these bash bins are designed with high grade rubber in all the right places to reduce noise level. The design is sleek and, at the request of baristas, the knock bar is removable, making cleaning a breeze.

Simply put, these knockboxes are unmatched in durability and functional design. But then again, you would expect no less from Espresso Parts.

A little science was involved with the design of our Barista Basics pitcher rinsers. It isn’t just about rinsing out the pitcher, it’s about much more and it was all taken into account with the design of Barista Basics side spray rinsers. For your best workspace ergonomics, you can choose either from a countertop or an in-counter rinser.

Barista Basics rinsers are manufactured by Espresso Parts, so you are assured quality and durability are built into the unique design, allowing them to stand up to the wear and tear of daily restaurant use.

Perfectly steamed or frothed milk is achieved only if you are using a steaming pitcher that is made from the the highest quality metals. Again, science is important here, as proper heat transfer is necessary for perfectly steamed milk and that can only happen with a pitcher manufactured from the best stainless steel.

Barista Basics steaming pitchers are manufactured by Espresso Parts, so you can be assured they are made with the highest quality stainless steel.

For the sake of convenience, the Barista Basic steaming pitchers are available with or without an attached thermometer and in various sizes. The perfect steaming pitcher for your needs, and your dedication to serving the best coffee beverage, is found at Espresso Parts.

It’s not a secret that the perfect pressing of grounds helps make the perfect shot of espresso. A good even tamp creates the perfect seal and means a great slow extraction.

That perfect press to your grounds is going to require an espresso tamper that has been designed to do just that, deliver the perfect press!

The Barista Basic’s line of tampers are designed with the highest quality, solid materials, combined with perfect ergonomic design to aid you in the perfect press.


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