Espresso Parts - Espresso Machine Backflush Kit

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This kit contains the following:
  • (1) 20oz container of Espresso Parts/Puro Caff Espresso Machine Cleaner
  • (1) 58mm stainless steel backflush disc
  • (1) Group brush
  • (1) Steamwand brush
  • (1) Grinder brush
  • (1) Stubby flathead screwdriver
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Manufacturer Espresso Parts

5.00 Average

5 Reviews


It was the perfect kit for my at home setup.

Richard Nuccitelli

The parts that I ordered arrived but did not match my espresso machine filter size. They immediately sent me the proper size. Great service all around

Adam Haugen

Great product

Sultan Alfawaz

Keep the good work

Red Light Roaster

This kit has all the things needed for espresso machine routine back flushing. The stubby flat head even has Espresso Parts branded. Love it. Use it. Flush it regularly...