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Compak K5 K6 K8 / Wega MAX Grinder Whole

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Black Two-pole On/off Switch with LightBlack Two-pole On/off Switch with Light
Compak 'K-3' Grinder Burrs - New 58 mm
Compak 'K-6' Grinder BurrsCompak 'K-6' Grinder Burrs
Espresso Parts Compak 'K-6' Grinder BurrsK_99
Sale price$33.84
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Complete Compak K5/6/8 Bean Hopper
Espresso Parts Complete Compak K5/6/8 Bean HopperK_286
Sale price$103.30
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Compak 'K-3' Grinder Burrs
Espresso Parts Compak 'K-3' Grinder BurrsK_2054
Sale price$65.00
In stock
Compak Grinder Grounds Tray - New VersionCompak Grinder Grounds Tray - New Version
Compak Grinder Hopper Lid
Espresso Parts Compak Grinder Hopper LidK_4
Sale price$22.73
In stock
Compak 'K-8' Grinder Burrs
Espresso Parts Compak 'K-8' Grinder BurrsK_247
Sale price$71.69
In stock
Compak 'K-5' Grinder Burrs (Special Order Item)
Compak Grinder Grounds Tray
Espresso Parts Compak Grinder Grounds TrayK_2
Sale price$61.01
In stock
Compak Grinder Grind Adjustment Stopping Pin
Compak Grinder Portafilter Support Fork Fixing Screw
Compak Hopper Cone Protector
Ascaso Compak Hopper Cone ProtectorK_6
Sale price$5.60
In stock
Compak Grind Adjustment Collar Stopping Pin Spring
Compak Grinder ABS Portafilter Support Fork

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