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Compak K3 and K3 Elite Hopper Doser and Body

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6.3 Microfarad Start Capacitor
Espresso Parts 6.3 Microfarad Start CapacitorK_409
Sale price$8.05
In stock
Compak 'K-3' Grinder Burrs - New 58 mm
Compak 'K-3' Grinder Burrs
Espresso Parts Compak 'K-3' Grinder BurrsK_2054
Sale price$65.00
In stock
Compak Grinder Hopper Lid - SmallCompak Grinder Hopper Lid - Small
Espresso Parts Compak Grinder Hopper Lid - SmallK_2027
Sale price$12.68
In stock
Grinder Automatic Stop Doser 21A Micro-switch
Rubber Suction Foot
Espresso Parts Rubber Suction FootTI_207
Sale price$4.79
Compak Plastic Doser Protector (Special Order Item)

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