TNTNW at The Curb

Brand spanking new in Tacoma, Washington is the latest Curb Location. Originally based in Hawaii, the specialty coffee shop opened their doors early January. We partnered with them to host March’s TNTNW last night.


Candy, Fruit snacks, Pizza, and Beer fueled baristas as they went head to head, bracket style until one winner was reached. Judges from Blue Beard Coffee Roasters, Olympia Coffee Roasters, and a rep from our very own customer service team were present. Each pour was judged on contrast, complexity, and symmetry.

Thanks to everyone who came out to compete. Congratulations to our three winners.

1st place goes to Kyle Doles of Mavam Espresso, 2nd Place goes to Sam Ropes of Metronome Coffee and 3rd place to goes Richelle Parker of the Curb.

1st place walked away with a 155 Kalita + FiltersYama Sitka Tea BrewerHiroshi Coffee Style Book12 oz steaming pitcher + thermometerEP Scoutbook Kit, Black EP Bag, EP Findlay Hat, EP Custom Shop Tamp, Olympia Coffee Roasters Keep Cup and a a bag of coffee. 

Thanks to all of our sponsors, Barista Basics, Kalita, Yama Glass, Olympia Coffee Roasters, and the curb for hosting!

See you on April 27th at Vessel Coffee Roasters in Spokane, WA!