TNTNW at Upper Left Roaster

Upper Left Coffee Roasters opened their doors last night to throw down. Baristas and coffee professionals came from all over the Portland area to hang out and sling some latte art.

We like to keep it 90’s in Portland and the snacks reflected the theme. We all munched on gushers, fruit by the foot, teddy grams, and warheads while sipping on some beer. Shout out and thanks to Alameda Brewing for sponsoring and providing the beer.

Judges from Acaia, Water Avenue, and Roseline coffee determined who continued during this competition.

Congratulations to our winners! 3rd place goes to Jennifer Fraizer from Seven Virtues coffee. 2nd place to Emma Nolley from Upper Left Roasters. 1st Place goes to Nick Laudrum from Upper Left Roasters. 


Next TNTNW will be on October 26th in Olympia, Washington at Olympia Coffee Roasters!

Until next time,

Stay Caffeinated