Inside the Making of Torr Toys

Hoppers are under appreciated and they hold one of your most valuable assets – your espresso beans! That’s why, the moment we saw Torr Toys glass hoppers, we had to share them with the world.



The beauty and craftsmanship of Torr Toys are unsurpassed! Not only are glass hoppers easy to clean, chemically neutral and hygienic, but each one is crafted by hand. The art of hand blown glass has been around for centuries. The skill takes years to learn and Torr Toys has been using this art to craft glass hoppers since 2003.


Torr began their story in Germany. Jens Rufenach was working in coffee and experimenting with glass hoppers as a means to provide higher quality storage for espresso. Unsatisfied with glass production and opportunities in Germany, Jens sought out another location with great opportunities for glass work. This brought Torr to Fonte Boa da Brincosa, Portugal which is less than an hour away from Lisbon where the studio currently resides.



Torr Toys is all about craftsmanship and aesthetics. Their centuries old glass work method is the only way to receive a high-quality glass with all its benefits, intense colors and shine.



Torr Toys continues to feature new product designs and we are excited to continue to grow with them. On top of their gorgeous line of hoppers, we have recently launched Torr Toys hand made Tamps. These beauties are built for those who like a heavier tamp and come in 58.5 flat or convex shapes. Now available in Walnut, Olive Wood, Zebra Wood, and African Black Wood.



If you have any questions or are interested in learning more about Torr Toys, contact our Customer Service Team at