ACE ShureShot

Earlier this year we had the pleasure to introduce Alcorn Cafè Engineering and the highly sought after ACE Shear Plate Kit to our exclusive offering of highly engineered parts accessories! As promised we’ve continued to expand the offerings to make customizing your own equipment easier than ever.

The latest innovation from ACE promises to be a game changer for your cafe! The ACE ShureShot Timer Kit allows you to modify your espresso machine to keep track of your shot times, and so much more.

We are all after a consistent and delicious shot of espresso. In busy cafe’s this can be hard to accomplish with multiple baristas on the bar throughout the day and a long line of customers. Keeping the shot times dialed in and measured can easily fly under the radar… until now.

Just watch it do its thing….


The ACE ShureShot Timer Kit is the first innovation that made us giddy about what was happening down under. Sean of Alcorn Cafè Engineering developed this accessory while he was building his own espresso machine years ago. He built the ShureShot Timer with the ability to time your shots, program pre-flush, post flush, pre-infuse and auto clean.

Yes, we said auto clean! Just watch it clean itself….

Yes, it does fit on almost ALL machine types. And YES, you can turn all of the features on and off.

Don’t want to pre-flush? You don’t have to.

Or maybe you only want to use the shot timer? That is fine too.

You can program in a reminder to the barista to turn off the shot at 26 seconds by having the timer begin a slow warning flash at 22 seconds and then a fast red flash at 26.

The ShureShot will keep the shot time displayed for reference until you pull another shot.

Let’s just say the possibilities are endless…

It’s time to get rid of the kitchen timers on top of your espresso machine once and for all. Having this functionality in a busy cafe or home can really streamline your workflow and maximize espresso consistency.

Learn more about ShureShot and how to install it.