6-8 Cup Cold Drip Maker Straight Black Wood Frame (32oz)

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The Yama Cold Brew Tower is the quintessential cold brewer. Its beauty is only surpassed by its functionality. All you need is ice, water, and fresh coffee to create the best cold brewed coffee you or your customer have ever had. Add intrigue, drama, and bit of coffee making magic to your space with a Yama Cold Brew Tower. With its slow and persistent drop-drip-dripping, the cold brewer is sure to hypnotize your customers in a state of coffee processing transparency.

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  • Yama Cold Brew Towers look great and are simple to use.
  • Quick drink prep and turnaround.
  • Add atmosphere to your environment.
  • Cold brewing retains more valuable antioxidants inherent in coffee.
  • The cold drip method reduces acid to as much as 69% less than brewed coffee.
  • This tower measures about 30" tall, 10" wide and 9" deep.
  • Each unit is hand blown from borosilicate glass and is dishwasher & microwave safe as well as heat resistant.
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Manufacturer Yama
Size Short (10 cm)

5.00 Average

2 Reviews


I have nothing bad to say about this brewer. I had purchased it about 2 or 3 weeks ago from a catalog. Then I went searching for filters and came upon this site. I was happy to see I could easily get parts if needed. It only took a little math and a measuring cup to determine the ratio. I don't mind the price of the filters. I did order several packs so the shipping would be worth it. In conclusion, it is beautiful, easy to set up and use and the coffee is wounderful.


I am loving this unit. Coffee is great. I like that I can make a batch and store in my refrigerator. Great Iced Coffee or Hot Coffee ready at a moments notice. No evidence of any acid or aftertaste. And - it looks cool. It's almost hypnotic to watch. The novelty does wear off, but friends dropping by, really are intrigued. My only disappointments are documentation, filter quantities per pack, and filter pricing vs. the larger unit filter options. The documentation, or lack there of, provides no suggested rations of coffee to water. There is a reference to using for tea, but again, no information. As a result everything is trial and error. At six hours per pot, it takes a significant amount of time to find the magic ratio. The second issue is the filters. These little discs are stupid expensive. They only come 20 per pack and each pack is $9 or $0.45/filter. For the larger 25 cup unit they have a 100 pack for $0.95/100 which is less than a penny per filter. Why should the small filter only be available in a 20 pack for 45 times the price of the filters for the larger unit? $45/100 vs. 95¢/100! Yama needs to be a bit more consumer friendly. While I will continue to enjoy this unit, I will make sure my friends understand Yama's lack of consumer friendliness.