Yama Glass 6 Cup Coffee/Tea French Press (30oz)

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This 6 Cup French Press from Yama Glass is perfect for brewing coffee or tea. Modern and elegant, this sophisticated french press is simple and easy to use. Made with hand blown borosilicate glass, these brewers are heat resistant, and safe for use in the dishwasher.

  • 6 in x 5 in x 8 in
  • Holds 30 oz
  • Body made with Borosilicate glass
More Information
Manufacturer Yama
Size Short (10 cm)

5.00 Average

1 Reviews


Previously I owned a Bodum French Press and have used both my relatives Bodum and my new Yama French Press side by side for nearly 1 month. Overall I like the Bodum better than the Yama. I will try to compare each piece by piece, naming the winner. LID: Yama. Yama is best because of the metal cover, Bodum has plastic GLASS: Tie. The Yama uses Pyrex which is high quality and the Bodum is also good. The Bodum has markings on the side but the Yama does not. I pour based upon weight so markings don't matter to me. PLUNGER ROD: Bodum. Bodum is better because it is solid in its connection with the lid. The Yama has more play in it. This doesn’t affect the actual plunge as both are solid as while pushing down the grind. The Yama just bothers me a bit because it always feels like something should be tightened to reduce wiggle. METAL FILTER: Bodum. The Bodum has a metal washer around the interior of the metal filter. The Yama does not. I suspect this will result in the Yama metal filter coming apart more quickly. METAL SPOKE COVER: Bodum. The Yama metal here feels less solid and has more grooves making it harder to clean. REMOVAL OF FILTER FOR CLEANING: Bodum. Yama has a small screw piece that can be lost during cleaning. The Bodum has the threads connected to the metal so it won’t be lost. The Yama is also much harder to take apart than the Bodum. Big win for Bodum. HANDLE: Bodum. While I like the fact that Yama’s handle is metal, it is less well supported. This is similar to the plunger rod. It doesn’t actually affect use but makes it feel less strong. SEAT FOR GLASS: Yama (barely). The Yama looks nicer but the Bodum is just as good. The Bodum has had the glass come out once while I enthusiastically attempted to get the last bit of water out. The Yama has always stayed in solid though it seems less likely to remain in place based upon construction. I supposed a slight win for Yama. OVERAL CONSTRUCTION: Bodum. The Yama seems to have taken many shortcuts. Body is much better. I have not used other French Presses so cannot compare anything else.