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Slayer Espresso Machine

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This item is available to be customized by our world renowned custom shop team. If you can dream it, we can make it happen. To get started customizing schedule a consult with one of our build experts or shoot us an inquiry at

Slayer has a unique method for preparing espresso. Familiar processes and variables may need to be altered when using this machine. You will want to follow general guidelines in the following areas: Roast Profile, Ground Particle Size, Dose Weight & Basket Size, Bed Depth & Tamp Pressure Brew, and Time of Extraction. These parameters are very different in comparison to other machines on the market.

In addition, Slayer’s brew actuator allows for three positions: "off", “pre-brew", and "full brew". The group head is in the "off" position when the brew actuator is moved all the way right. The "pre-brew" setting is activated when the actuator is moved to the middle of the group. "Full brew" is achieved when the actuator is moved all the way left.

Slayer’s advanced temperature management patented precision needle valve, and simple serviceability are the key features of this brand.

PRO TIP: Water quality is very important on a Slayer Espresso Machine and you will void your warranty without it. Please contact us for water filter recommendations.


  • Manual espresso extraction.
  • Pre-brew wetting stage.
  • Flavor profiling with a 3-position actuator.
  • Patented flow rate control.
  • Electronic group valves.
  • Independent brew tanks.
  • Unlimited steam.
  • Pre-heat tank.
  • Digital temperature control.
  • European Ash wood handles and actuators.
  • Blended hot water valve.
  • Modular pre-brew timers.
  • Versatile power supply.
  • Shot mirror.
  • Made in Seattle, USA.
  • Certified ETL Sanitation* (conforms to NSF/ ANSI Standard 4).


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