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SHURflo 115VAC 1.7 GPM 95 PSI Booster Pump (Special Order Item)

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115 VAC, 90 PSI [6.21 BAR], 1.6 GPM [6.1 LPM] open flow, "ShurLock" proprietary press-in fittings

, corded pump. Replacement pump for water boosters 804-002, 804-023-SV, 804-023, 804-026, 804-037, 804-126, 804-323, WB2-LVPO-01, 804-423, 804-425, WB2-HYD, 804-426

View the booster system installation and operation manual here

911-462 Rev.K 8/06 ECO 12790 4 of 4 911-462 Rev. K 8/06 ECO 12790 1 of 4
INLET/OUTLET FITTINGS: 3/8" [9.5 mm] Barb Fittings
Model Number 8025-933-399 8025-933-236
Motor Design 115 VAC 60 Hz permanent magnet; thermally protected and a non-replaceable integral fuse
Duty Cycle Intermittent (max. run time 20 min. within one hour)
Turn-On/Off Pressure 70 PSI [4.8 bar] / 90 PSI [6.2 bar] 40 PSI [2.8 bar] / 60 PSI [4.1 bar]
Max. inlet pressure 30 psi [2 bar]
Check Valve Internal (prevent reverse flow)
Temp. Limits 34 º - 170 º F [1.1 º - 49 º C]
Pump materials EPDM valves, Santoprene diaphragm, Nylon hosing

Total Volume (air/liquid) 21 Oz. [ 0.62 lt] 2 gal [7.6 lt] 5 gal. [18.9 lt.]
90 psi pump *Approx. Draw 10 Oz. [ 0.3 lt] 123 Oz. [3.6 lt.] 307 Oz. [9.0 lt.]
Down Vol. 60 psi pump 5.6 Oz. [ 0.17 lt] 68 Oz. [2 lt.] 171.5 Oz. [5.1lt.]
Bladder Material: Butyl Butyl Butyl
Housing Material Glass Filled Nylon Stainless Steel Epoxy coated steel
* Draw down volume varies with tank pre-charge, pump operating pressure and city water pressure. Specs reflect
tests at 40 psi [2.7 bar] pre-charge w/20 psi [1.3 bar] city water pressure.

SHURflo Water Boost Systems are warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship under normal use,
for a period of one (1) year from the date of manufacture, or one (1) year of use, with proof of purchase. This
limited warranty will not exceed two (2) years, in any event.
The limited warranty will not apply to Water Boost Systems that were improperly installed, misapplied, or
incompatible with fluids or components not manufactured by SHURflo. Water Boost System failure due to foreign
debris is not covered under the terms of this limited warranty. SHURflo will not warrant any Water Boost System
which is damaged or modified outside the SHURflo factory.
Returns are to be shipped postage prepaid to either service center; SHURflo Garden Grove, CA or Elkhart, IN.
SHURflo shall not be liable for freight damage incurred during shipping, package returns carefully.
For complete warranty details consult S/B #1049.
.. ISO Certified Facility
SHURflo reserves the right to update specifications, prices, or make substitutions.

WARNING: “Risk of electrical shock.” The pump is supplied with a grounding connector and grounding-type
attachment plug. To reduce the risk of electrical shock, be certain that it is connected only to a
properly grounded, grounding-type receptacle. To prevent electrical shock, disconnect power
before initiating any work. In the case of pump failure, the motor housing and/or the pumped fluid
may carry high voltage to components normally considered safe.

CAUTION: DO NOT adjust the pump pressure switch setting. Switch setting will not significantly alter flow
rate or pressure. Improper adjustment may cause severe overload or premature failure, not covered
under warranty.

CAUTION: DO NOT operate the pump at pressures, which cause the motor to exceed the amperes rating
indicated on the nameplate. The pump is equipped with thermal breakers to interrupt operation
due to excessive heat. Once the temperature of the motor is within proper limits it will
automatically reset, and the pump will start operation without warning. The motor is equipped
with an integral non-serviceable fuse. Pumps which have an “open” fuse are not covered under
the limited warranty.

SHURflo Water Boost Systems are for applications when low, fluctuating, or no water pressure exists. The
pump and accumulator maintain consistent water pressure to a source (for a given duration) as long as incoming
water is sufficient. Depending upon the Water Boost System model, support of up to 4 non-carbonated valves in
moderate volume accounts is achievable. The pump pressurizes the accumulator to 60 psi. or 90 psi. [4/6 bar],
depending on the pump model. Consult the models flowchart for projected length of flow and/or back-up. Maxi
Boost Systems may be used to supply water to a carbonator for back-up, during short periods of insufficient
water pressure. The pump is NSF, UL and C-UL listed.


CAUTION: DO NOT pre-charge the accumulator with CO2. In the event of failure carbonated water will react with brass components in system equipment. 

CAUTION: a qualified electrician, in accordance with all local electrical codes should perform all Electrical
outlet (receptacle) wiring connections. Circuit protection is dependent on the individual application
requirements. Failure to provide proper circuit protection may result in a motor failure, which is not covered
under warranty.
1. The water booster system is to be installed between the water source and non-carbonated valve(s) or
carbonator. Turn off city water supply before installation.
2. Use NSF listed high pressure braided 3/8" ID [9.5 mm] tubing to connect the inlet/outlet ports. Secured all
tubing connections with SS, step-less Oetiker. clamps. Cable-tie all tubing securely to prevent kinks or sags
that can inhibit performance or cause damage to the pump.
3. Remove Accumulator air fitting cap and pre-charge with clean pressurized air, or nitrogen. Tank should be 
pre-charged at the minimum required pressure of the application. Replace air fitting cap securely.
In most cases 40 psi [2.7 bar] will provide the required pressure at a typical beverage dispense system. For
best pump performance, set accumulator pre-charge pressure at approximately 20 psi [1.3 bar] below max.
pump pressure (as stated on the table), and/or at approximately the pump turn-on pressure. For further
information consult the factory.
4. Turn ON incoming water supply.
5. Open the dispenser valves and purge air/water from tubing/accumulator. Close the dispenser valve(s) and let
the pump fill the accumulator. The pump may not obtain shut-off pressure if excessive air is trapped within
the system. Repeat this step 2-5 times as necessary, before taste testing.

MEDIUM WATER BOOST SYSTEM PERFORMANCE (Units tested with 40 psi pre-charge and 20 psi city water pressure)


NOTE 1: the accumulator tank pre-charge should
be checked bimonthly or as necessary. All outlet
water pressure must be depleted prior to checking
or recharging.

NOTE 2: if subject to freezing temperature, the
pump, tubing and accumulator tank MUST be
drained of all water.

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