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Nuova Simonelli Mythos Plus Commercial Espresso Grinder

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Mythos Model: Plus

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The Mythos Plus is your answer to inconsistent tamping pressure. Perfect for busy locations, coffee corners, cafés, and restaurants. The micrometric adjustment allows the barista to adjust the grind to the smallest of adjustments at any point in the process of grinding.

Mythos Plus Features

The built-in tamper feature gives the barista the ability to quickly and consistently tamp coffee grounds and ensures high productivity with amazing results. 

  • Titanium 75mm burrs last twice as long with the ability to grind up to 3500 pounds of coffee before requiring replacement. We recommend throwing in extra burrs as a best practice for changing grinder burrs.
  • Clump crusher technology ensures that every dose is clump-free and delivers fluffy and evenly distributed coffee.
  • Portafilter holder while dosing so the barista can multitask: 3 programmable doses.
  • LCD display so the barista can adjust the dose, put the grinder into a number of barista modes, and lock the grinder so the settings can't be changed.
  • Removable grounds tray.


We've included the Gold Service Plan with this machine, a $375 dollar value.

About The Brand

Nuova Simonelli machines are known for their durability, their precision, and an incredible list of features. These professional espresso grinders are designed for people who truly enjoy high-quality espresso at home, in the office, and in cafés. Compact, quiet coffee grinders, constant temperatures, and features that preserve the quality and fragrance of coffee are just some of the features you'll love in Nuova Simonelli espresso grinders.

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