Espresso refers to the method of coffee preparation. This involves forcing very pressurized hot water over the coffee grounds, producing a highly-concentrated cup of coffee. Originally, the process of brewing coffee was a slow one, and the wait for a perfect cup of coffee was long. However, innovators soon sought to speed up this process.

During the 19th century, steam was the obvious solution. In 1884, Angelo Moriondo from Turin, Italy, developed the first coffee-making steam machine that would lead to the espresso machine. This bulk brewer used both steam and water to brew coffee for the Turin General Exposition. While Moriondo’s invention went the way of the Model T, the next innovations in coffee-brewing made a lasting impression.

In the early 20th century, Luigi Bezzerra patented the single-shot espresso machine, improving on Moriondo’s design. Desiderio Pavoni soon acquired the patent and made important changes to Bezzerra’s design that further enhanced the machine’s function. The two innovators worked together to perfect their invention, presenting the completed machine at the 1906 Milan Fair. Pavoni branded the machine as espresso, meaning “made on the spur of the moment”. Today’s machines owe their existence to these early prototypes.

Espresso Parts venerates the pioneers of coffee, as we owe our whole existence to the path they paved. Below are the stories of two such brands that exemplify the passion for coffee that has moved our industry forward time and time again.

Nuova Simonelli


In 1936, Orlando Simonelli created his first espresso machine, naming it after the year in which it was made. The “1936” espresso machine was technically advanced for the time, and marked Simonelli as a pioneer in the world of espresso machines and coffee innovation.

14 years later, Simonelli solidified his leadership in coffee technology when he launched the “Selene” machine. This was the first espresso machine to be equipped with a hydraulic pump, allowing for continuous delivery. In 1969, Simonelli was sold and renamed to “Nuova Simonelli” or “New Simonelli”. The change in ownership did not slow down innovation, however, as Nuova Simonelli added electronics to their espresso machines only 6 years later in 1975.

1984 marked another astounding leap in espresso machine invention with the release of the Logica. This machine was the first superautomatic espresso machine, boasting an automated espresso brewing process at the push of a single button. This revolutionized the coffee world, bringing espresso brewing capabilities to new markets and expanding interest. The next year, Nuova Simonelli added onboard computers to their machines with the launch of their machine “The Program”.

In 2001, Nuova Simonelli acquired Victoria Arduino, securing its hold on both the technically advanced and the luxury espresso machine markets. The innovations of Nuova Simonelli continue to advance the industry’s standards with developments like tri-dimensional temperature control in 2011, which allows baristas to monitor the temperature of water, steam, and group.

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Victoria Arduino Machine


Pier Teresio Arduino worked hard to create his first espresso machine in 1905. He called this machine the “Victoria” to represent the victory attained through his hard work. His focus was constantly on the technology and design of his machines, as well as how to best market and sell these machines and build awareness of his brand.

In 1910, Arduino patented the ‘dual-tap’ system, which highlighted a filter holder with a handle, and a container with a filter. 1920 saw the release of the “Tipo Famiglia”, or Family Type espresso machine. It was chrome and used electricity, releasing the water through the coffee grounds based on steam pressure.

Over the next few decades, Victoria Arduino released several new luxury espresso machines. These machines continuously introduced new features such as larger boilers, electronics, multiple group-heads, and even a mobile espresso cart called the “Carrel Bar”.

In the late 60’s, Victoria Arduino resumed production of vertical coffee machines with their Venus Series, which is still made today. In 2005 the Venus Century was released. A limited edition vertical espresso machine with only 100 pieces made, the very first machine was donated to Pope Benedict XVI for his widely known passion for espresso.

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