Introducing Pietro, a revolutionary manual hand grinder by Fiorenzato USA. Unlike any other hand grinder out there, Pietro stands out with its vertical flat burrs, delivering unparalleled consistency and exceptional ergonomics. Equipped with a 58mm burr set, an airtight grounds container, and crafted from a durable aluminum body, Pietro guarantees a superior grinding experience. Its compact design makes it ideal for small spaces, while its versatility and portability ensure it's fit for any occasion.

Pietro is available in two versions: Pro Brewing, designed specifically for filter-focused brews, and Multipurpose, catering to both espresso and filter brewing. Each model boasts a unique burr geometry, meticulously engineered to achieve outstanding results in their respective brewing methods. Discover the remarkable performance Pietro brings to your coffee journey.



This manual grinder is for specialty coffee enthusiasts wanting to experiment with new ways to grind coffee and is a great choice for those looking for high-quality results using a non-electric style. This grinder will make a great addition to any brew bar and performs the same if not better than an electric grinder at a fraction of the price. Learn what makes Pietro different from other hand grinders.