All About The Pietro Manual Coffee Grinder

It’s almost a disservice to call Pietro a “hand grinder.” When most people think of a hand grinder, they picture a small, tubular device that you bring camping or on a road trip. The kind of grinder you use because you have to - not because you want to.

But that’s where Pietro is different. Designed for the coffee-obsessed, Pietro features technology never before seen in a manual grinder. It’s the first to feature vertical flat burrs, and these 58mm burrs do their job very well. 

Keep reading to find out:

  • What makes Pietro different from other hand grinders
  • How each burr set is unique
  • Whether or not Pietro is right for you

The Scoop On Pietro

Pietro was created by the team at Fiorenzato, an Italian grinder manufacturer with over 80 years in the industry and a track record of excellence. They saw how the specialty coffee industry was changing and wanted to create a product that could fit in with a new wave of home baristas and global coffee enthusiasts. With a full line of home and commercial electric coffee grinders already in place, they set their sights on something different: a manual hand grinder. But of course, they had to elevate it.

What’s With The Design?

Pietro was made to stand out! Fiorenzato wanted it to “look to the future of grinding,” and that’s certainly reflected in its bold and futuristic appearance. Its casing is made of aluminum for durability, and it feels incredibly solid to the touch. When sitting on your coffee bar or kitchen counter, Pietro looks more like a piece of technology than a coffee gadget. Other notable design features include:

  • Retractable handle saves space when not in use
  • Magnetic grinds container
  • 21cm tall and weighs 1.5kg
  • Available in six colors
  • Non-slip base

Flat Burrs - What’s The Big Deal?

Burrs are the most important component of a coffee grinder. The quality of the burrs directly impacts the quality of your cup of coffee, and Fiorenzato made sure Pietro was equipped with the best. Pietro comes with a set of 58mm Dark-T M340 steel flat burrs. These are huge for a hand grinder and are made of the same material featured in Fiorenzato’s commercial grinders. While many hand grinders use conical burrs, Pietro’s was intentionally designed to employ vertical flat burrs to increase performance. Benefits of vertical flat burrs:

  • Vertical positioning uses gravity to eliminate retention
  • Larger surface area for more grinding range
  • Handle positioned for increased leverage
  • Easy removal for cleaning and changing
  • Stepless adjustment dial

Multipurpose or Pro Brewing Burrs?

There are two types of burr sets for Pietro: B-Modal (Multipurpose) and M-Modal (Pro Brewing). Let’s take a look at what makes them different. 

  • Multipurpose burrs are designed for a full range of coffee brewing - these burrs grind for filter AND espresso! We know what you’re thinking: espresso on a hand grinder? Yes, it’s possible, and Pietro does it very well. Multipurpose burrs are perfect for the barista looking for versatility. No matter what you want to brew - French press, pour-over, moka pot, or espresso - Pietro can make it happen.
  • Pro Brewing burrs, designed in collaboration with Lance Hedrick, are designed specifically for filter coffee. Their unimodal curve reduces the concentration of fine particles and has a high peak of boulders, helping serious baristas extract maximum flavors from filter coffees. 

Each burr set features stepless adjustment, and each click of the dial represents approximately 15 microns. With this much control, you’ll unlock flavors you never thought were possible.

Is Pietro Right For Me?

Are you someone who likes to brew coffee when you travel? Do you need a grinder to complement your existing electric grinder? Do you really, really care about the quality of your coffee? Then you’ll love the Pietro Manual Coffee Grinder. Other practical uses for Pietro:

  • Home baristas looking for an all-in-one grinder
  • Cafés and roasters who want a dedicated grinder for cupping
  • Digital nomads who brew on the go
  • Cafés and roasters wanting to expand their retail options

Wrapping Up

We know that choosing equipment can be a daunting task, so let us help you make the best decision for your or your business. Questions about equipping your cafe? Contact us todayEspresso Parts has the industry know-how to make your job easier—and your customers happier, too.