Discover the true potential of your coffee offerings through the Flow Coffee Telemetry System – a monitoring system seamlessly integrated with your espresso machine, providing valuable feedback on every shot poured. Empowering baristas to craft consistently high-quality coffee drinks, this system is designed to delight your end customers. Enhance sales and customer loyalty by ensuring the consistency that keeps regular customers returning for the exceptional coffee experience they expect. With Flow Coffee Telemetry, every aspect of brewing is meticulously monitored and optimized in real-time. From grind consistency to water temperature, this advanced system ensures unparalleled accuracy, resulting in consistently exceptional brews.

What is Flow Coffee Telemetry?

This plug-and-play design, seamlessly integrates into any volumetric espresso machine with minimal effort. Whether placed on the bar or on a nearby surface, Flow Coffee Telemetry blends seamlessly into your environment, enhancing efficiency without sacrificing space.

Stay connected and in control with the intuitive internet-connected interface, providing instant feedback and insights to refine your brewing techniques. From novice to expert, Flow Coffee Telemetry empowers users to master the art of coffee with ease.

flow coffee telemetry

How It Works

Flow Gateway Device:
Effortlessly merge Flow with your volumetric espresso machine, capturing intricate shot details with precision. Data points are relayed swiftly to servers for immediate analysis, evaluating adherence to personalized recipes based on volume and time specifications. Engineered for convenience, Flow is a plug-and-play system strategically designed to minimize space occupation, making it an efficient addition to your coffee setup. It's internet-connected and connects to your espresso machine using simple universal hardware.

flow coffee telemetry gateway

Real-Time Barista Feedback - Gauge:

The barista feedback system visually presents each pulled shot in real-time, offering immediate insight into recipe consistency. Baristas receive instant performance feedback via a scoring system (Perfect, OK, Too Slow, Too Fast), facilitating ongoing skill enhancement. When needed, the system provides grinder adjustment suggestions, empowering baristas to refine their techniques consistently. Conveniently accessible on a separate mobile or desktop device, this feedback aids in monitoring, analysis, and waste reduction.

flow coffee telemetry set up

**Please note that the feedback gauge for baristas is presented on a separate device, typically viewed on a tablet located near the machine for immediate feedback. However, it can also be accessed on a mobile phone or desktop computer for convenience.

Flow Dashboard:

Accessed through a web-based dashboard, this analytics tool provides a comprehensive overview of every shot poured. Enjoy the convenience of viewing analytics from any device, allowing seamless monitoring. Assess barista performance, identify areas requiring support, and gain insights into shot trends for optimized operations, inventory management, and staff scheduling.

flow coffee telemetry dashboard


A one-time hardware purchase, combined with a monthly license, WiFi, and a modern display device of your choice, completes the package.

Subscription Flexibility:

Choose a subscription plan that fits your needs and budget. With Flow Coffee Telemetry, you can opt to pay monthly, quarterly, or annually, ensuring you have the flexibility to align your payments with your cash flow. Enjoy the same benefits and features regardless of your chosen subscription duration, including access to real-time barista feedback, comprehensive analytics, and cost-saving insights.

Integration with Volumetric Machines:

Flow Coffee Telemetry seamlessly integrates with volumetric espresso machines, enhancing precision and control over the brewing process. It's essential to note that each espresso machine manufacturer model features distinct flow meter cable variations. 

What Cable to do I need?

All Flow Gateway cables are two grouphead cables, meaning that for a 2 grouphead machine, one cable is required, and for a 3-4 grouphead machine, two cables are necessary. This ensures a straightforward installation process and reliable performance across different machine setups, enabling baristas to focus on crafting exceptional coffee with ease. For precise compatibility, reference our technical chart to identify the specific cable required for your machine.

Standard Pinout Alternate Pinout Quick Disconnect 2.54 Pitch
Espresso Machine Ascaso Linea PB Rancilio La Cimbali
Nuova Simonelli GB5 Modbar Faema
Victoria Arduino KB90 FB70
Sanremo Unic Strada AV
Slayer Conti GS3
Kees Linea Classic
Dalla Corte
La Spazielle

Why is Flow Important for Cafés, Coffee Chains, Roasters, Manufacturers, & Baristas?

Flow Coffee Telemetry is indispensable for businesses aiming to elevate their coffee offerings and enhance customer satisfaction. By seamlessly integrating with volumetric espresso machines, Flow provides invaluable real-time insights into shot consistency and quality, empowering baristas to craft exceptional beverages consistently. This level of precision ensures that every cup meets the high standards expected by customers, leading to increased satisfaction, loyalty, and return business. Additionally, Flow's comprehensive analytics dashboard offers valuable data for optimizing operations, improving staff performance, and minimizing waste. Investing in Flow Coffee Telemetry isn't just about serving great coffee—it's about fostering a culture of excellence and ensuring long-term success in the competitive coffee industry.

Cost Savings:
Flow Coffee Telemetry provides businesses with invaluable visibility into their operations, enabling them to pinpoint improvement areas, offer enhanced support to baristas, and identify weaknesses in service during busy periods. This insight aids in strategic planning for preventative maintenance and supplies, ultimately optimizing operations and leading to significant cost savings.

Consistent Quality:
With Flow, businesses can consistently deliver high-quality beverages, fostering customer loyalty and satisfaction. The reliability and consistency of each cup ensure that customers return time and again, contributing to sustained business success.

Increased Return Business and Customer Loyalty:
Flow cultivates strong customer loyalty by consistently delivering exceptional coffee experiences. A continuous flow of returning customers not only strengthens customer relationships but also contributes to sustained business growth and success.

Improved Customer Satisfaction:
By consistently providing high-quality beverages, Flow enhances customer satisfaction, leading to positive experiences, increased brand loyalty, and positive word-of-mouth referrals. This ultimately contributes to the overall success and reputation of the business.

Reduced Coffee Waste:
Flow's precision monitoring and optimization capabilities help businesses minimize coffee waste, aligning with sustainable business practices and leading to cost savings by optimizing resource usage and improving overall operational efficiency.

Higher Perceived Value of Each Coffee:
By ensuring consistent quality and delivering exceptional coffee experiences, Flow positions businesses' offerings as premium, leading to increased customer satisfaction, a willingness to pay a premium, and a positive impact on the brand's image and profitability.

Increased Opportunities for Add-on Sales:
Flow enhances the overall customer experience by enticing customers with additional offerings, contributing directly to higher revenue streams and profitability.

Identification of Issues for Barista Training:
Flow allows businesses to identify areas for targeted skill improvement, ensuring that baristas continually enhance their craft. This leads to consistent quality in coffee preparation, increased customer satisfaction, and an elevated reputation for the establishment.

Training Tool:
Flow serves as a valuable training tool, allowing businesses to consistently maintain their standards and attract baristas by making the job and training easier.

Customer Testimonials


"Seeing we cover such a large geographical area, Flow has revolutionized the way we support our sites. The Clarity of flow data means we can be far more involved in providing the support each site needs, based on flow insights."
~ Brian Dessaix, VP West Coast Operations of Bluestone Lane Café

Pablo Rusty's

"Flow has enabled us to lift the consistency of our coffee that we are delivering, through the valuable insights that the programme delivers. Flow Isn't about charts and numbers, it is more about unlocking ‘our’ data so that we can support and train our sites more effectively. The result has been fantastic, and we continue to roll out into our partner cafes."
~ Abdullah Ramsay, CEO of Pablo & Rusty Coffee Roasters


"We were one of the first cafes to use this and I still do to this day. I can't get my head around any café that wouldn't want to use this system! The Flow system allows the owner access from anywhere, anytime to monitor how the coffees are being made, this is a fantastic tool for consistency and ongoing training. So in short, Yes, the whole world needs to jump on board!"
~ Chris White, Director of Café Altura 


Flow Coffee Telemetery Resources;

Flow Coffee Telemetry: soon to be integrated with Fiorezanto XGi grinders. This groundbreaking technology is built-in, meaning Flow will communicate directly with the grinder, automatically adjusting grind settings based on the shots being pulled from your espresso machine. Stay tuned for the ultimate in coffee consistency and quality.