The Dashboard

The Flow Coffee Telemetry Analytics Dashboard provides detailed daily performance statistics. It provides visibility over multipole stores, is globally accessible over a web-based dashboard, and can identify trends and issues.

Quick Overview Page

If you have multiple locations that you are monitoring the performance of, this is what the Dashboard looks like. It provides a nice overview of each sites performance. You can tell if your baristas are hitting their recipes or not. It also gives you insight on how busy each location is. This is helpful because it provides insight staffing and supply ordering needs as well as help you gauge where you might be in preventative maintenance needs on your equipment. Flow does have a Maintenance & Service Tracking Feature which is done by tracking the time and usage since each time was last serviced.

The quick overview shows the number of shots and the percentage of shots that have met recipe. Under filters there is the option to sort by date, organization, recipe, alphabetically or shot count. 

Site Breakdown Page

Once you click on the site you want to investigate further you can see a breakdown of how the site is performing to the overall recipe. Next we'll break it down.

Total Shots

Here we can see the total number of shots poured, and the breakdown of which recipe made up the total number of shots poured. 

Met Recipe

Here we can see the percentage of coffees that have met recipe, and how that total has been formulated from ‘perfect shots’(+/- 1 sec) and ‘OK’ within time variance specified in the recipe. 

Missed in Time

Here we see the percentage of coffees that have missed recipe because the shot time was above the time target 'too slow' or below the time target 'too fast' 

Missed on Volume

Here we can see the percentage of coffees that have missed the recipe based on volume, and how that total has been formulated by each group head. It is worth noting that a small tolerance(under 5%) should be allowed to allow for cut shots etc. 


Binning allows the site to remove shots from the dashboard, that they did not serve to the customer because they were outside of recipe. This metric allows you to see the percentage of shots that were binned. This feature can be turned off so that staff cannot bin shots.



Here we can see the position of the site against other sites within the same organization. 

Shot Variance

  • Here we have normalized all of the site’s recipes to show time above or below the desired stot time. The lite green band shows +/- 1 second and the darker the green band shows shots within the specified shot time variance for the recipe.

  • The yellow line shows the trend of shot times and indicates where grinder adjustments should be made as it strays away from the perfect band. 

  • You can hover your mouse over any of the coffee shots, and you will see further details of that particular shot.

  • You can click on any of the coffee shots to see a detailed breakdown of that shot. 


Scatter Chart

Here we can see how accurately the site is performing against individual recipes. By clicking on the desired recipe (in this case, small/standard, tall) you can view each recipe against its own time target.